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How to Record Phone Calls and Conversations on iPhone

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Apple does not offer a recording option for iPhone calls due to state and country laws. Apple’s excellent privacy settings are one of the reasons it is so popular worldwide. You can still make phone calls using your iPhone with some workarounds.

Recording a phone call secretly on your iPhone can lead to serious legal consequences. You should notify the other party if you plan to record a call on your iPhone and get their permission.

Let’s now look at how to record a phone conversation on your iPhone.

How to record calls on iPhone without apps

This is the fastest and most cost-effective way to record a call from your iPhone, without having to pay for any apps. To make it work, you will need another device that can record audio, such as an iPhone, iPad, computer, or another portable recording device.

Our podcasting microphone recommendations will show you high-quality recording options.

It’s easy to do if you are in a quiet area and can use the speakerphone on your iPhone.

  1. Call your contact, and then tap the Speaker button. Notify the other party by tapping on the strong>Speaker/strong> icon.
  2. Once you have obtained consent, start recording using your external recorder.
  3. Your iPhone should be placed close to the microphone. If you wish to have your audio recorded, be sure to keep your iPhone close by the microphone.
  4. End The call.
  5. Keep your recording safe.

You can also record the call on an iOS device using Apple’s voice memos app. We recommend Audacity for free audio editing and recording. If you have never used Audacity before, you can consult this guide.

How to record iPhone calls using Google Voice

Google Voice, a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), calling service is free in the US and Canada. You get a free phone number and a voicemail box. Additionally, you can make international calls (at the Google Voice calling rate). One of the many perks of Google Voice is the ability to record phone conversations.

You will need to set up the service before you can do that. You must ensure that Voice for Google Workspace accounts is not set up at your school or company. The recording feature will not be available to you if this happens.

Here are the steps to set up Google Voice

  1. The App Shop offers Google Voice for free download. Start it and log in with your Google account.
  2. Tap Search. Choose the phone number that you wish to associate with Google Voice.
  3. Confirm your number. Hit Next till you are asked for your number.
  4. Enter your iPhone number. Wait for verification codes to be sent.
  5. Use the code that you have just received to verify your new Google Voice setup.

You must complete one last step before your iPhone can record calls. Sign in to your Google account and open the Google Voice webpage. To open the Settings Menu, click the gear button in the upper-right corner.


Select the calls tab menu from the left side. Scroll down to enable Incoming Call Options by tapping on the widget.

To record a call, when you receive it via Google Voice, you can press the 4 key on the number pad of your iPhone to begin recording it. Google will notify the other party when you do this. The recording will be available in your Google Voice Inbox. You can then download it for safekeeping.

Due to safety and legal reasons, you can’t record outgoing calls on your iPhone with Google Voice.

How to record phone calls on iPhone using a third-party app

Rev Call Recorder, a third-party app, is another option to record phone calls. This works if you are located in the United States with a US phone number. Rev Cal Recorder can be downloaded from the App Store.

You will need to confirm your number when you open the app. Although the process can be complicated, there is an easy tutorial built into the app.

After that, tap Stop Recorded Call. Next, choose Outgoing call or Incoming call. To make outgoing calls, first, call Rev Call Recorder, then call the number you wish to speak to. To record, simply tap the merge calls button after both calls have been connected.

The process for incoming calls is slightly different, but the same. Rev Call Recorder will notify you once the call is completed. You will also be able to order optional paid transcription services at this time.

Rev Call Recorder’s main advantage is that the person you are talking to will see your number rather than an unknown number.

However, your calls will be stored on servers of another company, so this service is not recommended for sensitive or private matters.

How to record calls on your iPhone using your Voicemail

Are you already able to set up voicemail on your iPhone A cool trick can be used to record calls to your voicemails? The final method is dependent on the functionality of your cell phone service provider.

First, check with your carrier to see if you can download voicemail messages. Open the Phone application on your iPhone. Tap on the Vocal tab at the bottom-right corner. It’s great to see a list with voicemail messages. These messages can be downloaded and saved to your device for future use.

You won’t be able to download voicemails if you see only a Call option. Voicemails cannot be downloaded. You may be able to save them to your carrier’s voicemail. You will need to call your voicemail each time you want to hear the message.

You can download these messages from the internet by using the speakerphone method that we mentioned above. You can also use call merging with your voicemail depending on which phone provider you have.

  1. Contact your contact to obtain consent to record the conversation. Ask them to hold.
  2. To start a conversation, tap Call on your iPhone.
  3. You can call your own number. Your own voicemail should be available.
  4. Wait for the voicemail greetings to end. To start the conference, tap Merge calls
  5. Stop the conversation. You can access the message from your voicemail mailbox and record the conversation.

Which iPhone call recording method is best for you?

This is how you can record a call on your iPhone. You should keep in mind, however, that each cell provider and iOS device works differently so you might need to experiment with different recording methods until you find the best one.

You can record a call using your iPhone’s speakerphone or by paying for a third-party service to do it for you. To operate legally, it is important to notify the other party that your recording is taking place.

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