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How to Read Apple’s 10-Day Weather Forecast Colored Bars

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Apple’s Weather application, an essential feature of iPhones and iPads Home Screens, received a major update with iOS 15. One design change that seemed to have confused many is the addition of colored bars to the Weather app’s 10-Day weather forecast.

Here are the Weather App’s colored bars and how you can read them. We will split them into bars and colors to make things easier.

What the Weather Application’s Bars Mean

While the Weather app’s new features were widely celebrated, many users expressed confusion over the color bars that appear on the redesigned 10-day meteor forecast.

The temperature range of the next 10 days is shown by the horizontal bars. The bar shows the temperature range for the next 10 calendar days. The rightmost is the highest.

The background bar depicts the full temperature range over the 10-day period. While the colored section shows each day’s temperatures, the example below shows how the lowest temperature is 23 degrees Celsius and the highest is 34 degrees Celsius.

The colored bar represents the temperature range you will have throughout each day. The horizontal bar shows the temperatures. This is different from the 10-day range, which has been grayed out.

In the below example, the temperature today is 24-34degC. This compares to the 10-day temperature range that was 23-34degC.

It tells where the temperature currently is, and the forecast shows this by the tiny white dot. In the example below, you can see that the dot is indicating where 30degC, or the temperature at this moment, falls within a predicted range.

What the Weather App Colors Mean

The app shows the day’s temperature with a color gradient. This will give you an indication of whether it will remain steady or change throughout the day.

Each temperature range is given a different color.

  • Black: Extremely frigid temperatures (below 30degC or below 32degF).
  • Dark Blue: Cold temperature (0-15°C or 32–59°F)
  • Yellow: Moderate temps (15-20degC / 59-68degF).
  • Red: Warm temperatures (20-25degC or between 68 and 77degF)
  • Yellow: Warm temps (25-30degC/77-86degF).
  • red: Very hot temperatures (above 30-degrees C or 86degF).

Weather Forecasts for At-a–Glance

The new Weather app can be confusing at first, but knowing what the visuals mean is a huge help when planning your daily or weekly schedule keeping the weather in consideration. It can help you pick the right outfit to match your weather.

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