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How to play Google Chrome’s Dinosaur Game and its 2020 Olympics makeover

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Google Chrome The Dinosaur Game has been a calm refuge for people who are having trouble connecting to the internet. It also gives bored kids something to do during computer lessons. It is so well-known that the titular dinosaur should have been included as a guest assist trophy in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Chrome comes with a built-in game that features a pixelated dinosaur. This is a 2D endless runner game. Your only goal is to survive as long as possible and earn points. There are many hazards, including cacti and pterodactyls. You can also use a day/night cycle to reverse the monochrome lighting.

The Dinosaur Game is a tradition that has existed since 2014 and will continue to be popular, especially with the current crossover celebrating the start of the 2020 Olympics at Tokyo. The Covid-19 pandemic delayed the start of the monumental sporting event, but it will now begin on July 23 (subject to any cancellations).

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How do I play the Dinosaur Game

You don’t need to disconnect from the internet to play Google Chrome’s Dinosaur Game. Open a new tab in Chrome and type “chrome://dino/”, leaving out the quotation marks. You will be taken to a basic website that displays the dinosaur sprite as well as the text “Press Space for play”.

Follow the instructions and you will be playing the Dinosaur Game immediately. The dinosaur will jump by pressing the Spacebar, and ducking will be achieved by holding down the Down key. If you get into an obstacle, you lose the game. However, your browser will save your score so you can go back and try again by hitting Spacebar.

Track and Field

The Dinosaur Game was given an additional mode for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The world transforms from a barren desert into an Olympic track by running into a torch during the game. Your dinosaur will now need to leap over hurdles instead of cacti. A gold medal around his neck and yellow sneakers give him a visual makeover.

Google has once again seized the opportunity to bring a taste of current events into its long list of apps. This is not the first video-game-centric change that the company has made. In 2016, Google Maps dressed its yellow mascot in Link’s iconic green tunic for The Legend of Zelda’s 30th anniversary.

In 2010, Google marked Pac-Man’s 30th birthday with a Google Doodle, which was actually an arcade version of the game. This Google Doodle is still available (opens new tab).

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