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How to Play Bingo on Zoom

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We don’t know what the future holds and what the “new norm” will be in the current situation. Physical proximity has been lost since the Covid-19 pandemic. We had to move to an online presence in order to keep in touch with loved ones. Video apps such as Zoom and Google Meet have come to our rescue, whether it’s remote work, distance education, or social relations.

Zoom’s interactive and user-friendly interface quickly made it a favorite. Zoom has been the preferred platform for informal and formal communication. Most of us have found ways to adapt to this situation by communicating, having tea parties, or playing online games with our friends and family. It is a great activity to deal with the boredom and isolation that has been brought on by ‘lockdown.

Zoom is not one of the many video apps that offer games for your entertainment. You can still play many games on Zoom if you’re creative enough. Everyone loves it, from kids to grandparents. It’s all fun and exciting because of the chance factor. This guide will show you how bingo works on Zoom. We hope this helps keep you and your friends entertained.

Playing Bingo on Zoom

What you need to play bingo on Zoom Online

  • ZoomPC app: To play bingo on the Zoom PC app, you will need an active Zoom PC account.
  • An optional printer: It is convenient to have a printer in your home. If you don’t have a printer you can take a picture of your card and upload it into any photo editor program. You can then use the drawing tool to mark the numbers on your card after you have uploaded the image.

Play bingo on Zoom – for Adults

If you don’t have one, create one on the Zoom PC App.

b) Create a Zoom meeting and invite all the people you wish to play with.

You will need an ID to join an existing Zoom Meeting that you are not hosting.

c) Once everyone has joined the game, you can start setting up.

You can now play bingo on Zoom, as shown below.

1. To generate bingo cards, visit this link. Fill in the ” Number of cards you wish to generate, and the ” Color” for these cards. Next, choose the Printing Option according to your preference. We recommend 2 per page.

2. After choosing the right options, click on Generate Cardsbutton.

3. You can now print the cards that you’ve created using the Print Cards option. To create and print cards, you must ” email the same link to all players.

Note This is the best bingo card generator but it doesn’t allow you to print more than one card. You can print multiple cards by choosing “1”, in the field ” Numbers of cards“.

It is common to play with multiple cards at once, although it is cheating. This method can increase your chances to win the game.

4. Once everyone has their cards printed, ask them to use a ” marker to cross out the numbers in the blocks. After everyone has completed the above steps, click here for the ” Bingo number calling” page.

5. After clicking the link above, choose the type of game you and your team would like to host. It will be located in the top-left corner, just below the Bingo icon.

6. This task can be done by any of the players. You can use the ” screen share” option to the bottom of your Zoom meeting screen. It will share the browser window where the game is currently running with all meet members. This would be similar to a table, where each player would keep track of called-out numbers.

7. After all members of the group have viewed the window, click ” Select a pattern” in the drop-down menu at the top-left corner. Keep everyone’s wishes in mind when choosing the pattern.

8. To start a new game, click the ” Start a New Game” button. The generator will call out the first number for the game.

9. After everyone has marked the generator’s first number, click the Call Next number button. To get the next number, you will need to repeat the process. For the rest of the game, repeat the process.

Note: To automate the game’s smooth operation, click on ” Autoplay“.

The letsplaybingo website offers an additional feature, “Bingo Caller“. Although it’s optional, the computer-generated voice calls the numbers and makes this game more exciting. We have activated the feature in the next steps.

10. You can enable the feature by ticking the box ” Allow” under ” Bingo caller“. Your game will now run smoothly and without any hassle.

11. You can also select ” Vocal” or ” Language“, from the drop-down menu.

Many people pool their money to purchase gifts for their friends and family during bingo matches. These kinds of ideas make the game more fun. However, you must be responsible when dealing with hypothetical rewards and their associated consequences.

Play bingo on Zoom – For Kids

You must remember that children need variety to be good parents. For their development, they should have access to a variety of extracurricular activities. These activities increase creativity, concentration, and learning ability in children. Bingo is an excellent way to keep your kids entertained and engaged.

1. You will need the same materials to play bingo on Zoom with your friends or with your children. This includes a Zoom app with a Zoom Account and a printer.

2. Once you have arranged the resources you can decide whether to draw the numbers over Zoom meetings or from software that randomly generates bingo numbers.

3. You will need to download a variety of bingo sheets and distribute them among the children. As we did for adults, instruct them to print them.

4. You can play using a randomizer app until you win, then you are set.

You can replace the numbers with words or phrases, and mark them when they appear. You can also use fruit and vegetable names. The kids would learn new words through this activity while having fun playing a favorite game.


We hope you found this guide helpful. You can still ask questions about this article in the comments section.

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