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How to Operate an iPhone as a Webcam

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Many people switched to the digital era, especially in most developing countries. The use of smartphones was one of the transformations that most people embraced. The first modern smartphone to be introduced was the iPhone, initially designed to be a touch screen. Over the years, the original iPhone revolved, and its quality improved too. Mobile phone users began having preferences for iPhones over other smartphones due to their high-quality specs, thus making it possible for an iPhone to qualify as a good webcam. Webcams are designed for virtual communication in environments such as online learning, web conferencing with people from various parts of the world, online meetings, security surveillance, and video broadcasting.

iPhone specs that make it suitable to be used as a webcam 

Horizontal screen display

An iPhone has a horizontal display of 4K at 60fps (3840 × 2160 or 4096 × 2160 pixels displayed 60 times per second), thus, offering a smooth playback since you can slow down the video footage as you maintain a high quality of slow motion.

High Dynamic Range(HDR) color support

The rear and front cameras effectively record videos in HDR since they capture true-to-life color and bring out a great contrast when the video is taken in different environments. The exposure of the cameras in different settings brings out high-quality detail.

Wide Angle Camera

An iPhone has a versatile lens that offers a wide field of view that can adjust to various angles depending on the user’s preferences. You can zoom in or out depending on what you want to view on your screen as a user.

Portrait Mode Feature

The feature offers a sharp focus on the main object and adds a bokeh effect on the background, thus offering a professional look which is good when you use iPhone as Webcam.

Presence of a USB port

 iPhones have USB ports, making it easier to plug in and connect to a machine such as a laptop. The software application recommended by the phone’s camera manufacturer offers the feature used to connect the camera to the computer or desktop.

Steps involved in setting up your iPhone as a Webcam

Install a suitable application from the App store on your iPhone that offers webcam services. The application should be compatible with smooth functionality. An example of an application is FineCam.

Install suitable companion software on either Windows or macOS. An example of the software is FineCam.

Connect your iPhone to your computer or desktop via the internet (Wi-Fi) or USB cable.


Advantages of using an iPhone as a webcam

Better video quality

An iPhone camera has quality features that bring out powerful video and image processing, a bokeh effect, and good lighting, thus making it more suitable to be used as a webcam.

Confidence during online meetings

The quality of images and videos, which is brought about by the high-end processing capacity of the iPhone, makes the user have a clear and better appearance in all videos, live broadcasts, and online meetings, hence boosting confidence.


It’s easier to move around with it since it does not weigh much. 

Easy to set up

We use a tripod stand to mount the phone onto the machine for easier use.


Disadvantages of using an iPhone as a webcam

Expensive to purchase

Due to the high-quality specs of an iPhone, buying it is pretty expensive.

Difficult to get a variety of software that is compatible with iPhones

Unfortunately, iPhones need third-party software to keep the installed webcam application working since they do not support apps that are not in the app store.

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