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How to Mirror Your Android Screen to PC

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Sometimes you may want to view your Android phone’s screen from your computer. How can you do this? These are the best methods to mirror your Android phone’s screen to a computer via USB.

A few years back, rooting your Android phone or tablet was one of the most effective methods. With the many open-source options for Android phones and desktop operating systems, this is no longer necessary. This article will show you how to display the Android phone screen on your Mac or PC.

Why mirror Android to your PC?

What’s the point of mirroring your Android screen to a computer? There are many reasons. It could be that you are an app developer who wants to quickly check the results of your code without reaching for your phone.

Perhaps you need to share photos on a large screen without having to upload them. Perhaps you have to quickly give a presentation while the projector is connected.

You will discover that the fastest and most efficient way is to use a program on your computer and no installation on your phone.

How to Display Your Phone Screen On a PC

Scrcpy allows you to view your phone’s screen from your computer via USB. It is free. It is compatible with all desktop operating systems including Windows, macOS, and Linux. It doesn’t require you to install or download any app on your Android smartphone.

You can even record your screen and mirror it on a computer. Script allows you to use your mobile screen as an internet cam if you are a Linux user.

Visit the Scrcpy GitHub releases page. Scroll down to download the Scrcpy zip for your platform.

  1. Use a USB cable to connect your smartphone to your computer.
  2. A tablet or smartphone with USB debugging enabled for Android, such as the one described below.

How to enable USB Debugging Mode for Android

We’ve provided a detailed explanation of the USB debugging mode. But that is all you need. You only need to know how to enable it.

  1. For older Android versions, go to Settings > system > about phone or Settings> about phone
  2. Scroll down and tap Builder number seven more times until you get a popup telling you that you are now a developer.
  3. Return to Settings >, and then enter the new Developer Options menu.
  4. Scroll down to enable USB Debugging.
  5. When prompted, confirm the action.

You might need to do a slightly different step if you are using customized Android versions. To enable Developer Options, however, you will need to locate the page with current Build information. Tap that seven times.

If you get a popup asking you to enter a password enter it.

How to view your Android screen on a PC or Mac using a USB

Once you’ve activated USB debugging mode, it is easy to follow the instructions:

  1. Use USB to connect your Android phone with your computer.
  2. Copy scrcpy into a folder on your PC.
  3. In the folder, run the scrcpy application.
  4. It should now display your Android phone screen on the PC. Click Find Devices if you have connected more than one phone. Then, select your phone.
  5. Scrcpy will open; you can now see your phone screen from your computer.

You may encounter an error when connecting your phone to the computer. Visit Scrcpy’s FAQs to find solutions and common problems.

This will allow you to get started. Scrcpy works with your mouse and keyboard so that you can open any app and type it in.

Many mobile apps don’t offer a web client. This is an excellent way to use your physical keyboard to access your phone’s apps.

Why Scrcpy is the best way to mirror Android on any PC

Scrcpy can be downloaded as an open-source project and is free. There are no premium features or in-app purchases. For multiple reasons, it’s the best app for displaying your Android screen on a computer.

  1. There is no need to have any software on your Android smartphone.
  2. It works with Windows, macOS, Linux, and MacOS.
  3. The USB cable mirrors the screen almost in real-time. This is unlike wireless solutions which have a noticeable lag.
  4. Your computer can be used to interact with the screen of your phone via wireless connections.
  5. It allows you to view your Android screen wirelessly from your PC using a TCP/IP connection. This is for technically-inclined people.

How to Wirelessly Mirror your Android Screen to a PC

To mirror your Android phone to a computer, you don’t need to use a USB cable. Technically, Scrcpy offers a wireless mode that allows you to connect your Android phone and computer over the same Wi Fi network. It does require some technical knowledge. You don’t have to worry about it; AirDroid is a simpler way to view your phone’s screen from a computer.

You’ll need AirDroid for Android and your computer, or the AirDroid browser application in Chrome. Follow the steps below to setup mirroring.

How to set up Android mirroring with AirDroid

  1. Make sure that your smartphone and computer are connected to the same Wi Fi network.
  2. Go to AirDroid on Android > Me > Security and Remote Features > Screen Mirroring > Turn On.
  3. Go to AirDroid Mobile > Mirroring from your computer.
  4. Tap Start Now on your phone to grant permission. When Android informs you that AirDroid has started capturing everything on your phone, it will ask you for permission.

Your screen will wirelessly mirror to your computer just like that. This is the easiest method to share your Android screen on your PC without using a cable. AirDroid, a great Android remote management app, offers many other features such as file transfer, contact copy, and remote texting, backups, and more.

Why Android Screen Mirroring to a PC is Better Than Wireless

We recommend mirroring your Android screen onto a computer via USB. There are a few problems with wireless connections, including:

  • Your PC cannot be used to interact with the screen of your phone. You cannot interact with your phone’s screen through your computer. This means that you can’t use your phone’s keyboard to type.
  • There is a noticeable delay between what you do on your smartphone and what’s displayed on the screen when using wireless connections. It takes milliseconds longer and is certainly a factor. It is useful for presentation purposes, but not much else.
  • Sometimes, if you turn it off for a while, connecting an Android screen to a computer wirelessly can be difficult. We’ve had to close both the Android and Windows apps several times to get it to work again.

You can also view your Android phone screen on your TV

You now know how to mirror Android to a computer using a few different methods. Although wireless mirroring is more convenient than a wired connection, it’s generally better to use a wired connection.

Miracast, a worldwide standard for screen mirroring, is also available on most Android phones and smart TVs. Miracast allows you to mirror your phone to any TV.


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