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How to mark an iPhone message as unread

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It is quick and easy to send text messages or emails to your iPhone. Sometimes, however, you may not be able to or want to reply immediately after reading a message. It is not a good idea to leave a business message unanswered. It is best to mark those messages as unread messages. This is possible with text messages, but it’s not possible on iPhones. There will be a workaround.

Mark email as unread

Open the iMail app for your iPhone. You may be taken to the Mailboxes page depending on your settings. Mailboxes list all the email accounts on your phone. It also has an indication of the number of unread emails and a link to open the Inbox. Unread messages are marked in blue next to the Sender’s Name when you open the Inbox.

If there is no blue dots, it means that the message was read. To mark the message as unread, click on the arrow to the right. This will allow you to open the message and begin reading it. You will see a gray box, an orange box, and a red one appear as you swipe the message left. You can erase the message by swiping too far. You will see more in the gray box. This box is for you. A menu appears. Look for Mark. This will open a new menu. Select Mark as Unread. The Inbox will return you to your original location. A blue dot should be placed in front of the message.

Unread Text Messages – A Workaround

You will have to either forward the text to yourself or make a note in your Calendar to review it. These options are not ideal, but future iOS 12 platforms will hopefully fix this problem.

Forwarding the text means that you are forwarding it directly to yourself. To follow up, open the text message that you wish to denote. Hold down on the message, the part in the bubble at the end of the line of messages. Keep your finger there until a menu appears giving you the choice of Copy or More. Tap More to access the Forward option. A new text box will open when you click forward. To receive the text, enter your phone number. Do not open the message until you are ready. You might want to keep track of who sent it so that you can see the whole message again.

You can also copy the above option to make a note in the Calendar. Copy the message and paste it into your Calendar. To easily locate it, take note of the name and number of the person.

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