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How to make an Elevator in minesraft

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Who doesn’t loves the ease of traveling? Either it’s the real-life or the game! Minecraft is a game that gives leverage to the players to live in a virtual world. Hence, building an elevator or lift in this game can be tricky. I have seen many people struggling with it and finding out a perfect solution to the query “how to make a lift in Minecraft?” is hence, much needed.

So, I’ve gone ahead and detailed how to make a lift in Minecraft.

Life is a vertical transport in the game that is used to transport commodities to heights with just a click. Apart from the lift, the game does have other options like walking and swimming. But considering the complex designs, the lift can be a day saver for the players. Also check out, how to create concrete in Minecraft.

Easiest and Foolproof Way To Make a Life in Minecraft

Things that you will need to build an elevator:

  • 5 Redstone dust
  • 2 buttons of your choice (we have picked the stone ones),
  • 3 sticky pistons
  • 1 normal piston
  • 2 observer blocks
  • 6 slime block
  • 2 obsidian blocks
  • 64 any other blocks of your personal preference

Steps to Follow

  1. To start with building the simplest and effective elevator, begin with digging a wide 3 x 5 x 4 deep hole. The hole will enable your entrance at ground level.
  2. After digging the hole place your sticky piston at the right-center of it. It should be placed facing the back.
  3. Then place a block just in front of the sticky piston.
  4. Then leave some space, and again place a block of obsidian.
  5. On top of the obsidian, you need to place two slime blocks.
  6. Now place an observer facing upwards. Place it in such a position that the observer output is facing forward.
  7. Again place the sticky piston on top of it, facing upwards.
  8. On top of the sticky piston, put two slime blocks.
  9. Now you need to place an observer. The position will be a little tricky. It has to be placed on the top of slime in such a way that the output is visible downwards.
  10. And then place a sticky piston under it, facing downwards.
  11. So far, it should look like blocks placed smoothly one above the other.
  12. The leftover two slime boxes will be placed on the top of the slime box

Remember the sticky piston we placed on the second step?

Place a block above the sticky piston > a red stone above it > a block again, and then a button on the top.

In between the block and the slime pieces stacked up, place another block right there.

Your platform for the elevator is ready! Incorporate your creativity as much as you like.

On the right side of the stacked-up slime, place your block.

At the bottom section, you need to fill it up with the blocks. You can actually decide how high you wish to go with the lift. I would suggest going up to 20 floors!

So, here are the steps to build a 20 floor elevator:

  1. Place 20 blocks. Your first block will be placed on the left side of the platform.
  2. After placing the 20th block on the topmost of the stack. Place another one, just on the right side.
  3. Now from the other side (the downside), start placing the blocks until you have reached each an equal height to the previously built stack of 20 blocks.
  4. On the upper side of both stacks, you will have to place 4 blocks.
  5. To fill the space in between both stacks, place one stack in between them. And behind that block, put an obsidian block. Further with the obsidian block, place your one block.
  6. Then put all your remaining red stones.
  7. Beneath the block that where you placed the obsidian block, place the piston facing downwards
  8. And now place your button just under the front block.
  9. In the end, you need to replace the block with the slab to make it visually more appealing!

And this is done so! Pretty much done – Get into your newly made lift. Press the button, head to the top, again press the button you placed above to get back.

Types of Elevators in Minecraft

But are you aware of the different types of elevators and lifts that can be made in the game? If not, find out the amusing types of lifts available in Minecraft:

Multi-Floor Elevator:

The most interesting part about this type of elevator is that it can stop, and resume at your preferred floor. But building it can be challenging because it needs more resources as compared to other types of lifts. Building it requires patience – you need to hold horses for a little longer.

Up Down Elevator:

This kind of elevator can go up to 12 units maximum. This is because of the limited quantity of blocks a piston can move. As compared to other designs, the Up-Down elevator design is somewhat slow.


Under this type of elevator, the pistons are placed vertically. While the no-stair version can be opened to one side only, the stair version can be opened on two opposite sides. However, in cases of multiplayer, timing can malfunction and this can result in your elevator function being compromised.


Spiral elevators are built up of vertically stacked up spiral pistons. While ascending, the wiring is expected to surround the gamer, which may cause a hindrance in producing a clearer view. Spiral elevators are more suggested for multiplayer.

There are a lot of other types of elevators in Minecraft. The game consists of the world on its own self. It has a lot of customization and a big space for creative heads.


I have tried to teach you the most simple way to build a functional elevator that is going to entertain you fully. So go ahead and try this out!

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