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How to Leave a Group Text on iPhone 

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Group texts are great for keeping everyone informed, but they can become annoying when the text conversation gets too long. We’ll show you how to delete a group chat from your iPhone using the Messages app.

This tip is why you’ll love it

  • Only iPhone users can join a group chat.
  • For group chats that you aren’t participating in but can’t quit because they include Android users, you can say goodbye to annoying notifications.

How to remove yourself from a group text: All members have iPhones or other iOS devices

You have two options if you are fed up with the message notifications: leave the group chat, or muffle text notifications. If all members of the group are using iMessage, it means they’re using an iPhone. If all members of the group are using iOS devices, your text bubbles will be blue and theirs gray. Your text messages will be displayed in green bubbles when you are part of a conversation that has members using Android devices or other non-Apple products. If all members of the group chat are on iOS devices, you won’t be able to send a group message. If everyone in the group is using an Apple device, here’s how you can leave a group chat via iPhone.

  1. Then, open the Messages app.

  1. To exit a group, tap the icon.

  2. Tap the top heading of the conversation to see the Message’s profiles.

  3. Tap This Conversation is closed.

  4. To confirm, tap This Conversation is closed again.

  5. Tap Done.

  6. All members of the group chat will be able to see that you have left. This group text will stop sending you messages.

Are you unable to end the conversation? Some users may not be using Apple devices to send you messages. Keep reading if this is the case.

Why can’t I leave group chat on my iPhone? You can leave this conversation grayed out

You may not see an option to leave if you don’t see it. This could be because some members aren’t using Apple devices. Your text messages will be displayed in blue text bubbles if everyone is using an iPhone. If you don’t see the option to exit the group chat, and instead see green text bubbles, you can still mute it to stop getting notifications from the group text. However, you cannot leave an iPhone group text containing non-Apple users.

You now know how to send a group message to your iPhone or muffle it if you are unable to. This will hopefully bring you peace and quiet, rather than all the notifications interrupting your productivity.

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