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How to hide photos from Android

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All of the photos you take on your smartphone end up in your photo gallery. An uninitiated eye could easily view images you don’t want.

Maybe you have images that contain confidential information or gift suggestions for a friend. Perhaps you have an endless supply of memes to hide.

Read this article to learn how you can hide your Android photos.

Native Tools for hiding Photos

LG (the two major phone manufacturers) have privacy tools that can hide photos.


Samsung’s Protection Folder is now available for Android Nougat smartphones.

To create Secure Folder visit Security > Lockscreen and security > Secure Folder. Sign In with Your Samsung Account.

When you sign in, your device prompts to choose your preferred locking method.

To hide images within the Secure Folder tap Upload files.


You can hide images on Android slightly easier if you have this feature enabled.

To do so, go to setting > Fingerprints>> Content lock . Your phone will ask you to secure the feature by entering a PIN code, password or fingerprint scanner.

Go back to your default gallery application. Select the photos you want to hide. Menu>> Lock. To lock all photo folders, click

All photos/folders in your library will disappear once you tap lock.

Not available on all devices.

Use a File Manager to hide photos from your gallery.

Do NOT despair if you don’t have a Samsung or LG phone. However, it is possible to still get options.

File manager can be used in a variety of ways. First, we’ll discuss two file managers to hide files.

Create new folder

You must have a file manager with high quality.

After installing a folder manager, you will need to create an underscore folder (e.g. .PrivateFiles, or .Secret ).

Next move all of your photos to the newly created folder. The most common method is to long-press on a file to be moved.

The gallery app will not show files that you have moved. Because any folder that contains periods after the period is added does not get automatically scanned by software.

Make a new file called “.nomedia”.

It is not easy to move hundreds of photos.

The contents of a .nomedia folder will not be loaded by your phone if they are detected.

Third-party file managers apps are necessary for creating the file. To create the file, navigate to the folder that you want to hide. Your file name is what really matters.

Reverse the process and delete the .nomedia.

These methods hide images from native photo collections, but they can still be seen through any file manager.

Third-Party Software Hides Pictures

Third party apps that hide photos are an option.

We’re sharing three of our favorite sites:

1. Vaulty

Vaulty is the most popular app for hiding content. Vaulty has received positive reviews from thousands of users on the Google Play Store.

It also has a photo gallery. Here you can see all the photos that have been locked. This allows you different sets or photos to show to different people.

All content is password protected. You can have media backed-up to ensure it is safe in case of loss.

2. Keepsafe Vat

Vaulty’s biggest competitor is Keepsafe Vault. Similar features: All your photos will have password protection.

The app allows you to hide your onscreen icon so that nobody can tell what information it contains.

The app even has a Snapchat-esque self-destruction function. You can send photos that self-destruct within 20 seconds to other users.

3. Hide It

Another way to hide photos on Android is Hide Something. Google Drive will back up all of your photos.

This application has unique features. You can save any file to your vault from your phone using the share menu. Your recent apps won’t show it.

4. LockMyPix

LockMyPix employs AES encryption with standard quality to hide photos and videos from Android devices or smartphones.

Other noteworthy features include the ability to create a fake Decoy vault using a separate pin, support for photos on your SD Card as well as encrypted backups and support for GIF files.

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