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How To Hard Reset The Apple AirPods

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AirPods are loved for their simplicity, battery life, and auto-connection feature. AirPods can be used with all Apple products. This makes them ideal for customers who are invested in the Apple ecosystem.

AirPods are not perfect. You might have to reset your AirPods if you’ve just bought a new phone or they’re acting up for no apparent reason.

AirPods’ minimalist design can make troubleshooting difficult. How can you reset your AirPods when there are no buttons or switches?

This article will show you how to factory reset Apple AirPods. Also, learn the lighting codes so that you can determine if a reset may be necessary.

How to hard reset Apple AirPods

AirPods problems can often be fixed by a factory reset.

Many common problems can be solved quickly by resetting your AirPods. The process can resolve battery-related issues or inconsistent audio delivery. For example, if only one AirPod is delivering sound, this process will fix it. Connectivity issues can also be solved by resetting the AirPods.

These instructions are applicable to both older models and Airpods Pro when used with a wireless case. The original Airpods came with a standard USB charging box, but you can upgrade to wireless charging by using Qi-enabled technology. The compatibility of specific AirPods versions with devices varies. This could be your problem. Before you dive into more complicated troubleshooting, make sure you check the iOS version compatibility.

How to hard reset your Apple Airpods

The following steps can be used to hard reset your Apple AirPods:

  1. Your earbuds should be placed in the wireless case. Close the lid and wait for 30 seconds before reopening the lid. Make sure you keep the earbuds in their original place.
  2. Open “Settings” on your iPhone and then choose “Bluetooth.”
  3. Tap on the icon (information) next to your AirPods device name. Select “Forget This Device,” and then select “Forget Device”, for confirmation.
  4. Keep the wireless charging case open and the AirPods inside. Tap the back of the charging case.
  5. After the amber-colored light at the front blinks, release the button.

Note: This will cause your AirPods to be disconnected from all other connected devices. To use the AirPods, you will need to go through the setup wizard once again. Wait for the light to flash again. This is the signal to try to reestablish one of your connections.

In most cases, the above steps will resolve any problems you have with your AirPods. For other solutions, continue reading.

How to Reset Max Airpods Hard

Airpods Max was released in another year. These steps will reset your Airpods Max if you own them.

  1. You will need to charge your AirPods Max.
  2. For 15 seconds, press and hold the Digital Crown and Noise Control buttons.
  3. Wait until the light flashes Amber. Then it will turn white.
  4. These can be repaired to your Apple device.

What does the light on the AirPods charging case mean?

Apple AirPods Gen 1 & 2 have a status light located at the top of each earbud compartment. It is also under the lid when the wired charging case is used.

The LED can be used to upgrade your wireless charging case. It is located on the exterior front of the case. AirPods Pro comes with a wireless case by default.

No matter what setup you have, certain combinations of lights can indicate different issues depending on the location of your AirPods at the time.

It is important to know what issues are represented by the different lights before you make the decision to reset.

Battery Status

The LED status light on your AirPods tells you the remaining charge.

If the green light appears while your AirPods are still in their cases, this means that they have enough battery life to continue regular use. If the green light is not visible, it means that your AirPods have at least one charge remaining.

Although you cannot see the battery percentage, these status lights can give you an indication of how much battery your AirPods have. If you want to see the AirPods’ percentage or pods, simply open the case and take a look at your iPhone.

The AirPods Connection

Is the amber light blinking?

If you see a flashing amber light, it could be a problem with pairing. This could mean you need to cut off the connection and re-set the AirPods. The AirPods will flash a white light to indicate that they are ready to connect with your Apple devices.

If the case is dark and the AirPods are inside, this means that the battery has gone completely dead and the case needs to be recharged.

Other AirPods Troubleshooting Tips

You don’t have to rely on the lights to diagnose problems with your AirPods.

To ensure proper performance, view the battery percentage

Open the case near an iOS device and press the button at the back to open a display on your iPhone showing the battery status. This will tell you how much battery life remains. This can be done if the lights don’t work correctly, if the sequences aren’t clear, or if the power down chime is playing.

Remove muffled sound

First, make sure your AirPods don’t sound muffled. Before you test again, get rid of any ear wax, dust, and other debris.

You can also try the AirPods with different devices instead of trying to reset them. Sometimes audio settings can affect the output.

To fix connectivity issues, change the name of your AirPods

You can modify the name of your AirPods depending on your problem to improve connectivity.

  1. Open the AirPods case while the AirPods are still inside, and then access the Bluetooth settings on your Apple Device. Tap the ” I” icon (information icon) with a circle surrounding it.
  2. Change the name of your AirPods, and connect to a new device.

Connect to other devices

To rule out device-specific problems, you can connect your AirPods with another device. Your older iPhone model may not be compatible with your AirPods. However, your Mac might be the problem.

Clean the Charging Connects

A final note: a reset might not resolve your AirPods’ charging problems. You can clean the connectors and try to fix them. Failing to charge is often a hardware problem that cannot be fixed by you on your own.

Replace Your AirPods

If these methods fail to resolve your problem, it’s possible that your AirPods may have hardware problems that are not fixable. If this happens, you can replace your AirPods with a new pair of headphones or contact Apple to see if they have any warranty options.

You can schedule an appointment at your local Apple Store to receive repair or help.

The cost of replacing an entire AirPods model is not that high, especially if the component is already included in the existing model.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Apple’s AirPods make a great accessory. We have the answers to your questions in this section.

What do I need to do to reset my AirPods in order to sell them?

Your AirPods don’t have any personal information, unlike other Apple devices. You don’t have to reset your AirPods before you can gift or sell them.

Your AirPods can be easily paired to your new iPhone by the new owner. It’s best to delete your AirPods from your Bluetooth list so they don’t get confused with another pair.

If one of my AirPods is damaged, can I pair them?

It’s important that you know what the limitations of AirPods resets are. If one of your buds is missing, you cannot repair them. You can either order a replacement from Apple or get one at your local Apple Store if you have lost or damaged one of your AirPods.

One Last Thought

Apple AirPods are very easy to use, especially when you have them with other Apple devices. But, it can be difficult to troubleshoot and maintain the device. Instead, users can use online tutorials to help them navigate these simple steps.

To identify the problem, you can familiarize yourself with the colors and patterns mentioned in this article. You’ll be able to fix most of it on your own. Resetting your AirPods will not fix all problems, but it can help with some common issues.

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