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How to get rid of the keys from a keyboard?

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A lot of people have to take off keys to clean the keys themselves or beneath the key. Cleaning underneath a key is typically required after drinking spills over the keys, or food particles are deposited beneath a key, or if it’s not been cleaned.

How do I get rid of a key

Before you remove any keyboard keys, disconnect it from your computer, or turn off the laptop.

To take out the standard keyboard key begin by pressing downwards on the keyboard front of the key you wish to take off. Put a flat item below the key, for example an ordinary screwdriver with a flat head or a car key like the one in the photo. When the object is placed beneath the key, turn the flat object or push it down until the key comes off. If you wish to take out more than one, you can repeat the procedure until all keys have been removed.

When the key is removed, you’ll see dust, hair dirt, or food particles underneath the key, if they are present as illustrated in the image. The substance can be cleaned by using compressed air or a damp towel and cotton swabs.

If you’re taking the key off due to spills of a substance Clean and dry the bottom of the key the keyboard, and key shaft.

After everything is cleaned After that, put the key in the usual position. Press the key down till it clicks in place.

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