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How to get closed alpha Multiversus codes

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In November, Warner Bros. revealed its platform fighter Multiversus. Gamers all over the internet were excited. Ultra-instinct Sharggy (opens new tab) is set to become a reality. This game will compete with Super Smash Bros. and Rivals of the Aether. Fighting alongside Finn the Human and Batman? It’s the realization of all our geeky dreams.

Several early game testing has shown that many players are not eligible for early access codes. Official Discord server and subreddit were bombarded by requests for spare keys. Those who were invited to play organically received three additional access keys to invite friends to the cross-platform brawler.

The current closed alpha has seen code-begging so severe that the official Discord server shut down communications as they “recalibrate some things”. These “things” are apparently remedies for the rampant scams perpetrated by users trying to sell alpha Multiversus codes and creating other accounts to promote that account.

There are many ways to obtain Multiversus codes, despite the discord’s hydra of problems. Here are a few. These methods can’t be guaranteed and some may cost a little bit of money. However, we will tell you how to protect your funds and avoid scams. Here are some ways to obtain closed alpha Multiversus codes.

Method 1: Official Discord

Although we aren’t sure if the Discord will return fully, it was possible to use a code sharing channel on the server for players to exchange their alpha Multiversus codes. That was at least what it was supposed to be. The channel was flooded immediately after the launch of the current beta. Users were new to the server and asking for codes. The problem grew worse when new users joined the channel every second, hopping into #code sharing to further clog it.

How can you get a code using this? It’s not an easy task and it isn’t quick. A discord user should not be paid money to get a Multiversus code. The server was shut down partly due to scammers who requested money but never sent codes.

You will need to pay attention to the Discord messages if you want to get a Multiversus Code (join ). Sometimes, someone will say “I have codes” or “DM me first-come first served for codes”. This is when you click on the profile picture of someone and send a quick message to ask if they have codes and if you could have one.

It’s not a reliable method as most messages won’t be answered. If you are persistent you will eventually get one. Don’t give money to anyone on Discord for a code. You won’t receive one back. You can also check out our other methods to obtain Multiversus codes.

Method 2: The subreddits

This is very similar to Discord. You can find a Multiversus user and send them a message. You can find the official Subreddit and the community owned subreddit (opens new tab).

For the best chance of getting a code, we recommend sorting posts by “new”, and refreshing the page frequently. This method, like Discord, is not guaranteed to give you a Multiversus code. However, it is possible with a little bit of money. Don’t buy codes here, just like Discord. Instead, try the next method.

Method 3: Kinguin

Multiversus is a completely free game. The closed beta will end May 27th at 8PM ET/5PM PST. Although we wouldn’t recommend paying for a game with an open beta that lasts until July, Multiversus is free to play. However, this game is highly anticipated and serious players want to get the advantage of the other players.

Kinguin is a marketplace for game keys. Kinguin is a marketplace for game keys. This means anyone can list a game key for sale on the site. To obtain an alpha Multiversus code for Kinguin, go to the game and choose your platform. Then, proceed with the transaction just like you would on any other website.

Important advice: Always use PayPal to purchase keys on this site or other key marketplaces. A good seller rating can make it easier to do business, but bad actors could still show up unexpectedly.

If you don’t get your key within an hour of purchasing it, PayPal will issue a refund. Once they confirm that you haven’t received the item you ordered, you will receive your money back quickly.

This is a free game. However, waiting for WBGames code delivery seems interminable. The alpha can only be used for so much time.

How do I redeem Multiversus codes

Alpha Multiverse codes can be found in the form either a link to WBGames.com, or a Steam, Playstation or Xbox code that can be redeemed at their respective storefronts.

Follow the link to redeem the code. It will prompt you to sign in or register for a WBGames Account. After that, select your preferred platform to receive the key. Additional instructions on redeeming your platform-specific codes are provided under the code.

This is it folks! We wish you all the best. Play as Jake, the dog who is super-instinct and plays against Batman and Arya stark.

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