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How to Fix Your Slow Internet: 7 Ways to Speed Up Your Connection

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The internet is a vital utility nowadays; everybody knows it. There rarely is an aspect of human life that the availability of an internet connection cannot facilitate. As such, when people face slow internet speeds, they want to bang the keyboard out of frustration.

While doing that may help you blow off some steam, you would still need to take measures to resolve the matter. Thus, we thought to help you out as we discuss a few practical ways of improving internet speeds instantly. So, without any further ado, let’s get started:

1.   Switch to a Wired Connection

Nowadays, wireless technology has taken over. Wi-Fi has made it convenient for everyone to connect to the same network and enjoy dependable internet speeds. That being said, the old-school wired technology is still significantly more reliable regarding internet speeds.

If you ever suffer from poor internet speeds, it is probably time to take out your LAN cable again and connect to your device. A wired connection will likely be faster and more reliable since there will be no interference in between like there is in a wireless connection.

2.   Relocate Your Router

If you do not prefer connecting your device to a LAN cable or you do not have one, you can still take measures to rectify the problem. A router’s location is vital to the overall network’s performance.

A router should always be placed in a central location of the premises, where all devices can connect to it easily. Moreover, physical objects such as doors, walls, cupboards, etc., also interfere with the signal of the Wi-Fi connection. Also, you might get a better signal in a different location on the premises.

3.   A VPN May Help

While it may not seem logical, a VPN can help you access better internet speeds. A VPN replaces your original IP address with an IP address from a different location. So, for instance, if the server you are connected to is crowded, you can try connecting to a New York VPN and enjoy the mind-boggling internet speeds that New York servers offer.

4.   Remove Unnecessary Connections or Processes

If your internet connection ever slows down, you should check the number of devices connected to the network. Several unnecessary users are often connected to your network, hogging the overall bandwidth and leaving very little bandwidth for you to work with. For instance, you ought to check if your neighbors are using your Wi-Fi connection without your knowledge. Though, that can be rectified with a strong password for your Wi-Fi network.

Furthermore, it would help if you closed any background processes on your devices. Sometimes, you do not realize it, but some of these programs run silently in the background and ultimately affect the internet’s performance.

5.   Download the Necessary Updates

Technology is subject to routine updates to function correctly. As such, you will be required to update the firmware on your computers, mobile devices, and routers to experience a smooth internet connection.

For Windows, you must go to Settings and visit the Windows Update section to download and install the necessary Windows updates. You can access this option for mobile devices by visiting Settings on the device.

As for your router, its firmware can also be updated by opening its Settings and scanning for the necessary updates. Once the updates are all installed, you should then check to see whether the internet speeds have improved or not.

6.   Try Switching It Off and On Again

This is probably the oldest trick in the book. But it still is an effective technique to solve this matter. We might have been amused by Roy from The IT Crowd when he asked this question, but there is some sense to his question.

Modern-day hardware sometimes falls back in its performance if kept running for an extended period. So, when you switch them off and then on again, they can start the entire process from scratch. And all the glitches and bugs sometimes are cleared in the process.

7.   Switch Internet Service Providers

If all else fails, it is probably time for you to switch internet service providers. You may have subscribed to the fastest internet service provider in the region in the past, but times have changed. Now, there are numerous fantastic internet service providers in the market. And all of them have something amazing to offer. While one internet service provider may be cheaper, the other might offer better internet speeds. So, you might want to start shopping for ISPs once again.

On a Final Note

These are only a few methods to resolve your internet speed issues. Hopefully, one of them will resolve the matter for you instantaneously. So, before you take any drastic measures, give them a try.

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