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How to fix your Android phone’s overheating.

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Your phone overheats. It could be happening by itself or because of a specific app. Are you streaming too many videos or the temperatures just too high? It is difficult to identify the reason your smartphone is heating.

If a phone is too hot, it will slow down. Sometimes, the phone will shut down when it gets too hot. You don’t want to miss a crucial call.

Let’s examine how to fix an overheated phone.

What Are the Signs of Overheating in Your Smartphone?

Before moving on, you should take some time to determine what is hot and which is not. Under normal usage, your phone shouldn’t be too hot. If it is, it could be a problem.

Warm is not the same as hot. After playing for 15 minutes, you will feel slightly warmer. You should check if you get an overheating alarm or if the device feels hot to your touch.

You may have already closed several apps and restart the device to troubleshoot. Perhaps you have searched for the error message on your device.

Nearly every time you will come across the same reasons why your phone overheats,

  • Your display brightness has reached an unacceptable level
  • Your Wi-Fi connection has been disconnected for too long
  • You have played too many games (often with “it’s a game console” advice).

These are only valid for older phones. None of the smartphones on the market should heat up for any of these reasons. It’s possible that your Samsung phone is overheating.

You don’t have to use the same brand phone as others. But if you want information about why your phone heats up and how you can stop it, continue reading.

Buggy apps can cause overheating issues in your phone

Scratching your head, wondering “Why is it overheating?”

You might have one or more bugs in your app. You might have just installed a new app that doesn’t work well on your phone. You might have an app you use frequently that has been updated. The new version may be causing Android’s heat to increase.

While automatic app updates can be very useful, there are also problems that they can cause.

Two options are available:

  • Uninstall the app.
  • Keep checking for updates

Once the app is removed from your phone, restart it and wait a while before you check it again. If your phone is still hot, you can try the following solution.

Intensive Camera Use Can Overheat Phones

The device can overheat if it is used for prolonged periods of time or the video camera.

This does not happen in every case. It usually depends on other factors.

  • Frame rate and resolution selection
  • Screen brightness
  • Use of a camera for a prolonged period

Example: I recently recorded a short video with my front-facing camera. My phone overheated quickly.

You can avoid this by making sure that your phone camera only is used when necessary, that it’s not set too brightly, and that you don’t try to record at a high resolution.

Is your Phone overheating? You left your phone in direct sunlight

You can make your phone overheat by environmental factors.

The common problem is leaving the phone in direct sun. Mounting your phone on a car dashboard in the sun will cause it to heat up. If this happens, your car’s air conditioning system can be used to cool the phone.

In other situations, keep your phone out of direct sunlight. You may need to keep it in the shade if you are really using it. You can store your phone somewhere cool to prevent it from overheating.

Slow or excessive heat? Malware?

An Android device infected by malware could heat up. The malware developers aren’t concerned about the health of your Android device. They just want your data.

Malvertising or malicious ads (malvertising) could infect Android phones with malware. It is hard to determine when and how malware can strike. You should learn how to recognize dangerous apps and get rid of them.

Is your phone heating up because of your case?

You still wonder “Why is my smartphone heating up?”

You might have your phone in a case. Many cases are made of plastic or contain large amounts of plastic. Even cases made from leather suffer the same problem: The phone’s insulation keeps heat in and cools out.

The phone will heat up when it is used for high-performance tasks. This is why a case made out of an insulating material helps to prevent this. It’s like wearing a duffle coat while you exercise.

What can I do to stop my Android from heating up in this manner? While removing your phone from the case can be a good first step, it’s not a long-term solution.

Phone Overheating When Charging? Check Your Charger Cable

A bad battery condition can also cause Android phone overheating problems. A charging cable may also be a problem.

Overheating can happen if your phone is older and has been overcharged a lot (never charge the phone to 100% unless you are able to; charge the phone to 80-90% regularly to keep it healthy).

The phone should not heat up enough to cause charging problems. It could be a bad charging cable, a damaged battery or an issue with the port. What are your options for fixing this issue?

  1. Replace the mains adapter, cable, and connector
  2. It is often impossible to replace the battery.
  3. Repair the charging port

The cost of repairing the charging port on a phone that is out-of-warranty will be around $30. The repair should stop your phone from overheating if damaged. Are you still covered by warranty if your phone overheats? There may be an opportunity to receive a repair or exchange for free.

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