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How to fix “Windows Cannot Install This Disk?”

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Windows may not be able to be installed on your disk for a variety of reasons. However, these reasons aren’t always immediately apparent. There are several ways you can get Windows installed on your disk.

Let’s take a look at the various forms of the Windows Cannot Be Installed on This Disk error.

Why does the “Windows Cannot Install to This Disk” error appear?

There are several versions of the “Windows can’t be installed to this disc” error. You can identify the version of Windows you have and then figure out what to do to get Windows installed.

When your BIOS version isn’t supported by your partition type, an error will occur. BIOS comes in two versions: Unified Extensible File Interface and Legacy BIOS.

As you can see from the names, Legacy BIOS and UEFI are more up-to-date. Each version only works with one type of partition on your hard drive. You will get an error message stating that Windows cannot be installed on this disk if there is a mismatch

What partition style will work for you?

For the best idea of what to do to fix this error, take a look at the second sentence in the error message.

If your error message’s second sentence reads ” Select disk is of GPT partition type,” this means your computer has a Legacy Bios. BIOS is not compatible with GPT partition types so you will have to convert to MBR.

If your error message’s second sentence reads, “The selected drive has an MBR table,” it means that the disk is not compatible with Windows. Windows cannot be installed on EFI systems to GPT drives. This indicates that your computer is equipped with a UEFI BIOS. Windows can be installed only to GPT-style partitions on an EFI device.

How to Fix the “Selected disk Is of the GPT Partition Style” Error

Legacy BIOS means that you cannot install Windows on a GPT disk if your computer uses Legacy BIOS. This means that you will have to convert the drive before installing Windows.

Verify that your BIOS Version is correct to confirm that UEFI isn’t available

Before you do this, make sure to double-check that your computer supports UEFI. Check your BIOS version when your computer boots. Click the BIOS button to turn on your PC. While the BIOS key can vary between manufacturers, the most frequently used keys are F1, F2, F10 or F12 depending on which manufacturer they are.

If you’re in BIOS you will need to search for the footnote. You won’t find a single step-by-step procedure here. It is important to examine all tabs. But, in general, there is a tab. This tab contains Boot mode.

If you set your boot mode to Legacy and UEFI does not appear as an option, your GPT partition cannot be used. This will require you to convert it into an MBR partition.

Convert an MBR Disk into GPT

There are two ways to convert a GPT disk partition into MBR. Both methods erase data from the disk. Alternatively, third-party software could convert the GPT partition disk into MBR. This will not result in any loss of.

1. Command Prompt allows you to convert MBR Disk from GPT

If there are no other operating systems installed on your drive, you can use this command prompt. You will need to erase all data from the drive you want to convert.

  1. After inserting Windows Installation Disk, wait for the Windows Setup screen to appear. To open the command prompt press Shift +F10
  2. Enter by pressing
  3. Enter list disk for a complete list of drives available on your computer.
  4. You will need to choose the disk to be converted to MBR. This should be the drive on which Windows is to be installed. You can select the disk with or disk 0.
  5. Run Clean then Convert mbr to transform the partition into MBR.

Exit the command prompt when you’re done. Restart the Windows installation to run the install again.

2. Disk Management Utility – Convert MBR Disk to GT

You can convert GPT partitions to MBR if you have another copy of Windows installed on your system.

  1. Typing Disk management into the search bar next to the Start Menu will bring up the results. Creating and Formatting hard disk partitions is the first item that will appear in the search results. To open Disk Management Utility press enter
  2. The utility will display a list of disks that you can choose from. Right-click the disk and select .
  3. Next, right click on the same disk to select Convert.

How to Fix “Selected Disk Has an MBR Partition Tab” Error

A GPT partition disk is required to install Windows on a UEFI BIOS-equipped PC. To convert an MBR partition into a GPT disk,

1. Disable EFI Boot Sources

If you don’t wish to convert the partition go to BIOS and check if it allows for you to disable EFI Boot Sources. Once you are in the BIOS navigate to the Order section. Search for EFI Boot Sources. Start Windows installation. After installation is completed, enable EFI boot resources.

If you are unable to disable EFI sources, you will have to convert the partition.

2. The Command Prompt allows you to convert MBR into GPT.

Here is the same technique we used for converting the GPT partition into MBR. The command in step 5 will not change. Instead of transforming mbr, use convert.gpt.

After you have completed the previous steps exit the command prompt, and then continue with the installation.


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