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How to fix the Windows 11 error

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Windows 11 is an excellent operating system. Redesigning Windows 11 (Redesigned Windows 11), makes it even better, with its consistent UI design and updated features. Windows 11 update problems can be frustrating, just like Windows 10. Windows 11 sometimes displays an “Undoing any changes to your computer” error after applying an update. It doesn’t matter how many times it attempts to install an update, it will not. We have listed 10 methods to fix the “Undoing Changes to Your Computer” error in Windows 11 to help you get out of this mess. This guide will help you solve any Windows 11 errors, such as 0x800f0922 (or 0x800f0988). Don’t hesitate to dive in.

Windows 11 Error 2022: Fix “Undoing Any Changes Made To Your Computer”

This tutorial will show you 10 methods to fix the “Undoing Changes to Your Computer” error in Windows 11. These methods can be used to resolve issues such as being stuck at the update screen, or the inability to apply a new version. Expand the table below to jump to any section.

Table of Contents

1. Still stuck at “Undoing Changes Made to Your Computer?” This is how to fix it

Do not panic if your Windows 11 computer keeps getting stuck at the “Undoing any changes to your computer” error. This issue can be fixed using the recovery menu. Here are the steps:

  1. I suggest waiting for your computer to get past the “Undoing any changes made to your machine” error. If you still have not seen progress after 2-3 hours of waiting, hold the power button and turn off your computer.
  2. Now press the power button once more, and hit the “F8” key. This will bring up the Recovery screen. If it does not open, you can try pressing Shift + F8 simultaneously. Recover menus may be triggered by other keys, such as the “Esc”, or “F11” keys on some computers.
  3. When you reach the Recovery screen, click ” Troubleshoot“.
  4. Next, click Advanced Options. Select ” Startup Recovery“. The Windows 11 PC will reboot and then diagnose itself. Your computer should then boot up normally.
  5. If the previous step did not work, click ” Remove Updates” under the “Advanced options” section on the Recovery screen.
  6. Next, click on ” Remove the most recent quality update“. That’s it. You can now restart Windows 11 and get rid of the “Undoing Changes Made to Your Computer” error.

2. Getting error 0x800f0922 or message 0x800f0988 while updating Windows 11

A simple service change can resolve the problem if you get the “Undoing Changes Made to Your Computer”, followed by the 0x800f0922, or 0x800f0988 error. These are the steps.

  1. Log in to your PC and press the Windows 11 keyboard shortcut Windows+ R. Then, open Next, hit Enter to open Windows Services.
  2. Find ” Application Readiness” here and click on it. Next, change the Startup type to Automatic and launch the service. Finally, click “OK”.
  3. You can now upgrade your Windows 11 computer. It is unlikely that you will see errors such as “Undoing any changes to your computer” or “0x800f0922”.
  4. If you’re getting an error message like “0x800f0988”, then you might try running the next command. Use the Windows key to search for cmd. Next, click on the “Run as Administrator” button in the right pane.
  5. After that, run the following command. It will clean out the WinSxS Folder. Once that’s completed, restart your Windows 11 computer and everything should work again.

3. Use Command Prompt to fix the error “Undoing Changes made to Your Computer”.

If your Windows 11 PC still isn’t updating to the latest build or showing an “Undoing modifications to your computer” error message, you can try these Command Prompt commands.

  1. Click on the Windows key and type “cmd” into the search box. Now click on ” Start as Administrator“.
  2. Run the commands, one by one. This will stop all Windows Update services.

net stop wuauserv net stop cryptic net stop bits net stop msiserver

  1. Next, use the following commands to rename the update folders.
  2. Next, execute these commands to restart the services. After that, you can update Windows 11. Most likely, you won’t get any errors.

4. Run Windows Update Troubleshooter

If none of the methods above have worked, you can try the official Windows Update troubleshooter. It seems to have fixed many update-related problems for me in the past. Here are the steps.

  1. Use the Windows key to search for Troubleshoot. Now, open it.
  2. Next, click on ” Troubleshooting“.
  3. Next to Windows Update, click on ” run“.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your process. Restart your PC, and then you can try to update Windows 11 on your computer. You shouldn’t encounter any errors.

5. Upgrade Windows 10 to Windows 11 via the Installation Assistant

To avoid getting the “Undoing any changes to your computer” error message when you upgrade to Windows 11, if you are using Windows 10, you can follow these steps. Windows 11 Installation Assistant makes it easy to seamlessly upgrade your computer from Windows 10 to Windows 11.

  1. Get the Windows 11 Install Assistant right now.
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