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How To Fix If Youtube Not Working on Roku

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This article will address a problem that Youtube has had with Roku. You can try these solutions if you’re experiencing the same problem.

What is Roku?

Roku is a popular streaming device. It is easy to set up and offers a variety of channels. Users can access streaming apps like Netflix, Spotify and Prime Video. Other features are available on the streaming device that can be used to satisfy consumers’ entertainment needs.

How to fix Youtube not working on Roku

In order for the Youtube app to appear or launch on your streaming Roku device, we have provided the best solutions.

1. Check for outages reported to Youtube servers.

You should first check whether there have been any reported issues with Youtube. To verify that the problem is not limited to Roku devices, you can access Youtube from other devices. For real-time information, you can search online or visit the Downdetector site. They collect reports from people having issues with Youtube.

Fix #2: Restart Roku device.

You can restart your Roku device if there are no reported outages for the Youtube app. The streaming device will function more efficiently as this usually resolves any freezing, lagging, or crashing issues. Restarting a Roku streaming device does not erase any apps or change your settings. For instructions on how to restart your Roku streaming device, see the below steps.

  1. To access the Roku Home Screen, press the Home button from the remote.
  2. Choose Settings in the options.
  3. The remote can be used to select System.
  4. Select System. Restart.
  5. Select Next, click Restart. Wait for the Roku to turn on.
  6. After the Roku is set up, you can open Youtube to see if it has been fixed.

Fix #3: Verify the internet speed on your Roku device.

If Youtube stops working on Roku suddenly, it is worth checking your internet connection. Reliable internet connections are necessary to view Youtube videos in high quality without interference.

  1. The Home button is pressed on the Roku remote.
  2. Scroll down and choose Settings in the menu.
  3. Select Network.
  4. Then select Check connection. After a few minutes, the device will perform a network test. It will then display the internet speed results. If the speed results are slow, take the appropriate steps.

Solution #4: Troubleshoot internet connectivity.

These are the top ways to speed up your internet connection so that the Youtube app on Roku can work properly.

  • Restart your router.
  • If possible, connect your Roku device with a different wireless network.
  • For less interference and better wi-fi internet connections, move the Roku device closer to the router.
  • For a stable connection, connect the Roku device directly with the router via a LAN cable.

Fix #5: Upgrade to the current Roku OS.

Roku developers send out updates, just like other streaming services. These updates are required for Roku users as they aim to improve current features, fix errors that are known, and prevent problems from occurring due to the system becoming outdated. These instructions will help you update the Roku OS.

  1. To access the Roku Home page, press the Home button
  2. Scroll down and click Systems.
  3. Next, select System update.
  4. Choose Click now
  5. When updates are available, the device will search for them and select Update Now. Once the update has been installed, the device will restart.
  6. If it’s working, you can launch the Youtube channel.

Fix #6: Perform a factory reset of the Roku.

A factory reset is another effective way to fix Youtube not working with Roku. Before you proceed to this solution, it is important to understand that all settings on your Roku device are permanently deleted. To access streaming channels such as Netflix, you will need to log in again. Here are the steps to reset your Roku

  1. Click the Home button.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Then select System next.
  4. Select Advanced System Setting.
  5. Select Factory reset.
  6. To complete the process, click Factory Reset. Take note of any additional instructions that may be displayed on the screen.
  7. Check Youtube to see if it is fixed.

#7: Reinstall Youtube App.

If none of the solutions above work, you can delete the Youtube app and create a new one.

Fix #8: Use the Youtube TV app instead.

Try the Youtube TV app instead of the Youtube app that doesn’t work. Both apps can be used with streaming devices and they don’t differ in any way.

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