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How to fix an Apple Watch not charging

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The Apple Watch, which is the fifth generation of their Apple Watch Series 7,, is a beautiful thing. It’s beautiful, but it is more like a smartphone than a watch. If I don’t charge it every day, my Apple Watch Series 7 soon runs out.

Charging problems can be not only annoying, but also dangerous. Most charging issues can be fixed easily. It’s easy to replace your battery if something happens.

This is what you should do if your Apple Watch doesn’t charge.

1. The essential bits

Let’s get started with the basics. Is your Apple Watch dead? If so, the Apple Watch will not turn on when you plug it into the charger. Even if the charger and watch are in perfect health, the lightning bolt should start to appear after a few minutes. To check if it charges, leave it on the charger for another 30 minutes.


No joy? No joy? We know it seems obvious but we don’t think we have ever rant about a dead device.

Make sure the extension lead is not being switched off if it’s connected to the charger. Connect the charger to the wall socket. If that fails, then the extension lead is the problem.

2. Apple bits are great!

If the charger you have is not the Apple original, place it aside and take the cable and charger that came with the Apple Watch. Connect it to the charger as usual, and wait for the lightning bolt to appear. It’s possible that your third-party charger is to blame.

3. Make sure to check the cable

(Image credit: Apple)

Does the cable attach to the right spot on your Apple Watch’s back? Is the protective plastic from the charging puck removed? Is the charging puck and the backside of your Apple Watch free from any obstructions that could prevent them from properly connecting?

Use another USB power adapter instead.

It’s possible that you have an older charging cable, if you own more than one Apple Watch. You can find it by digging it out and connecting it to your Apple Watch. Although Apple Watch charging cables aren’t subject to the same abuse as iPhone chargers, they can still be damaged. Sometimes, signs of wear and tear can be subtle. A cable may look perfect on the outside, but it could have a broken interior.

4. Restart if you can

Force Restart is a way to make sure your Apple Watch has enough battery life. To do this, press and hold the Digital Crown button and the side button simultaneously for at least 10 seconds or until the Apple logo appears. This will reset your Apple Watch software. If the problem is software related, it could solve the problem.

5. Get the big guns

If your Apple Watch doesn’t charge after you have tried everything, it is time to seek outside assistance. Apple Watch repairs are not available in Apple Stores. To get help, visit the Apple website’s Apple Watch Section. (opens new tab). You can speak to an advisor here or arrange for your Apple Watch to be repaired.

You should note that Apple Watch batteries are not eligible for replacement if they have been taken out of warranty. Out of warranty battery replacement costs are currently at PS82 in the UK, and $79 in America.

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