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How to Find Your WiFi Password on an iPhone

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After you log in, most smart devices connect automatically to WiFi networks. It is easy to forget WiFi passwords this day. Although iPhones do not have an integrated feature that allows you to show the password of your WiFi network, there are ways around it. This article will show you how to locate your WiFi password on iPhones in multiple ways.

You can find out how to find WiFi passwords on computers using our step-by-step guides How to Find WiFi Passwords on Windows 10 PC or How to Find Any Passwords on Mac.

How to find a WiFi password on your iPhone

Go to Settings> WiFi> and tap the “i” icon next to your network. Next, tap and hold the number next Router. Select Copy and then paste it into your browser. Next, enter the username and password of your router and click Wireless settings.

Note: These steps will show you how to log into your router using your iPhone to find your WiFi password. There is no other way to find a WiFi password then using your iPhone.

  1. Open the Settings app for your iPhone. This app comes with your iPhone and features a gear-shaped icon.
  2. Tap WiFi.
  3. Next, tap next your WiFi network name. This button features a blue-encircled icon of the letter ‘i’.
    Not all WiFi networks are available to your iPhone.
  4. Next, tap and hold the Router’s numbers and choose Copy. You can then copy the IP address of your router to your clipboard and paste it later in your web browser. You can also write it down.
  5. Next, open a browser on your iPhone. Any web browser, including Chrome or Safari, can be used on your iPhone.
  6. After that, paste the IP address of your router into the search box and tap On your keypad. Tap and hold the address bar in the top right corner of your browser. Select the URL. Paste.
    Note: When you see the page “This Connection is Not Private”, tap Advanced > Proceed. Netgear says this warning is not important because your router is connected to your local network. It also has security built-in.
  7. Next, enter the username and password of your router and click Sign In. Your WiFi username and password may not match your router’s password. Your router’s username or password might be printed on the router itself, or in its manual. You can also use this method if you are unable to locate your router’s username and password. This list Find the default username/password of your router by brand
    Notice: Most router usernames are either “admin”, or “user” or leave it blank. Most router passwords are either “admin”, “password,” or “null”.
  8. Next, click WiFi. You will typically see this menu on the left-hand side of your screen. This button may have a different name depending upon your router. To find your basic settings or security settings, you might need to tap on other buttons. These buttons usually contain your WiFi password.
  9. You will now see your WiFi password under the network name

You can then delete your WiFi password, and change it to something you’ll remember. Make sure you tap Save after you’re done. Otherwise, your changes will not take effect.

If the above method is not possible for you, you can find your WiFi password on an iPhone if you have a Mac computer. These steps can be completed on a Mac computer that is not connected to the WiFi network. Here’s how:

How to find a WiFi password with a Mac

Go to Settings> AppleID> iCloud and turn Keychain on. Go to System Preferences>> Apple ID> iCloud, and turn the keychain on your Mac. Open Keychain Access and search for the WiFi network name. Finally, check the box next to Show Password.

  1. Open Settings on your iPhone.
  2. Next, tap your Apple ID. This option is located at the top of your screen, next to your profile icon and name.
  3. Next tap iCloud.
  4. Next, tap Keychain to turn it on. To turn Keychain on, tap the radio button. If the button turns green, Keychain will be turned on.
  5. Next, click on the Apple icon in the upper-left corner of the Mac screen.
  6. Then select System Preferences.
  7. Next, click Apple ID.
  8. Next, make sure you have checked the Keychain box. It may take some scrolling to locate Keychain.
  9. Next, choose iCloud.
    Not all steps work if you have signed in to Apple ID on your Mac. Go to Overview > Sign out if you don’t see an Apple ID signed in. Next, sign in using your Apple ID password.
  10. Next, open a Finder Window. This can be done by clicking on half-blue and half-gray faces in your dock. You can also right-click on any area of your desktop, then press the Command +N keys simultaneously.
  11. Next click Applications. This should be visible in the left sidebar. You can also right-click on the Finder window to activate the Command + Shift + a key simultaneously.
  12. Next, open the Utilities Folder.
  13. Next, open Access Keychain app.
  14. Type the name of your WiFi network into the search box. Hit
  15. Next, double-click your WiFi network. This will open a new window with settings.
  16. Next, check the box next Enter your password.
  17. Next, enter your Keychain password. This is the password you used to log in to your Mac computer.
  18. Now you can locate your WiFi password by clicking Show Password.
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