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How to Find Your Cell Phone’s Voicemail Password

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It can be very frustrating to lose a password. It doesn’t matter if it is a 12-character passcode for your email account at work or a PIN code for a bank debit card, it can take time and effort to set up, recover, and remember new passwords. You may be able to reset the password to your phone’s voicemail without much effort if you forget it. You can reset your voicemail password using just a few steps depending on your cellular provider.

AT&T Password Reset

You may have asked yourself this question many times: “What is my voicemail password?” AT&T subscribers can reset their voicemail password through an easy-to-use online interface. Log in to your online account and click on the “Manage Devices & Features” tab located under the “My Wireless”. You can quickly reset your voicemail password by selecting “Reset voicemail password”, and creating a new passcode. You’ll be able immediately to access your voicemail once your password has been reset.

Verizon Password Reset

To reset your password from your phone, dial *611 and then, after the prompt, say “Reset voicemail passcode”. Verizon may ask you to confirm your identity. After this, you will be able to create a new password by using the keypad on your phone.

The My Verizon app can also be used to reset your password. You can access your account settings by clicking the menu icon. After you have opened your account settings click the “Security tab” followed by the “Manage voicemail passcode” button. You can now enter and confirm the new password.

Sprint – Resetting your Voicemail Password

Sprint’s password-reset functions are located in the preferences section of your online My Sprint Account. You can click on “Manage voicemail password” to quickly create and confirm your new password.

T-Mobile Password Reset

Access your online My Tmobile account to reset your password for a T-mobile phone. You can then access your voicemail settings, change your password and view your voicemail settings. You can dial into your voicemail by holding down the “1” key on your phone’s keyboard. Once your phone has connected to the voicemail system you will be able to access your password settings by pressing ‘*’, and then the 5 key. Press 1 when prompted to change your password.

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