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How to Find AirPods When Dead

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It’s going to be hard to locate your AirPods if they have been lost.

Apple’s Find My App is very useful for AirPods that are not in their case but still have charge. The Find My app will provide useful data about the last known location of your AirPods, but it is up to you to use your detective skills to locate them.

This guide will show you how to find your AirPods even if they are dead. Let’s dig in:

How to find AirPods when they’re dead

The “Find My”, the app is the best and most effective way to locate missing AirPods.

The Find My App can locate the location of an earbud that has been lost outside the case. It is more accurate when using Bluetooth data.

It is important to note that the Find My App works best when you search for your AirPods individually – that means, one or both of your earbuds have gone missing from the case.

Technically, you can still locate your AirPods in their charging case using the Find My App. However, only if the app remembers where they were the last time you used them.

It is also important to note that the Find My App is designed for devices that aren’t dead.

The Find My app lets you play a sound to your AirPods when they are fully charged and within range (30-50ft). This makes it easier for you to find it.

Your AirPods may be dead, so the app won’t work as well. While it may seem true, Find My is is still the best way to locate your missing or dead AirPods.

If they’re still in Bluetooth range

  1. Dead, and
  2. You are more than 150 feet away

It will be more difficult to find them because the Search My app doesn’t have the best data.

Although the Find My app is still useful, it’s best to keep your AirPods close to your phone in case they go missing. This way, you can still use your Find My App to access semi-relevant data.

How do you find them?

Simply put now it’s time for you to begin guessing. Try to find out where they might have gone.

This, along with any data in your Find My App, should get you very close to them.

Although I’m sorry, your options for finding dead AirPods are very limited. It’s not easy to find dead AirPods. Despite the fact that it’s not impossible, finding dead AirPods is difficult.

You can retrace your steps

You don’t want to hear “retrace your steps” after losing your AirPods. But this may be the best thing.

Take some deep breaths and reflect on the last time that you saw or used your AirPods.

Which is the most likely place to put them? Take a look around. Take a look around, under, and besides. To see if anything fell in a crack or corner, move things around.

You might not find your AirPods in the right place. Take a seat, and think again. Go back in time and relive the sequences and moments you experienced when you had your AirPods last. Search again.

Repetition of this process is recommended at least three times.

My experience is that 9 out of 10 times my AirPods end up in my gym shorts after a workout. Make sure to check your pockets and clean out all dirty clothes.

Buy a new pair of AirPods

If you can’t locate your AirPods, it is worth getting a new pair. AirPods’ third generation was introduced in October 2021. They sound amazing!

AirPod 3rd-gens can listen for up to 6 hours simultaneously, or up to 30 hours if you have a fully charged case. This is a significant improvement on the AirPod Pros.

Two Tips to Make Sure You Never Lose Your AirPods Again

Tip #1: Ensure “Find My App” is enabled

Apple’s “Find My App” app will be critical every time you lose an Apple device.

You can quickly locate your device and devices if you have the app installed.

You can track your AirPods even if they are lost.

This app is not for you. Finding your AirPods missing will be a treasure hunt without any clues or guarantees.

Open the Find My App on your smartphone and follow these instructions to set it up:

  1. Allow “Find My”, to use your location.
  2. Continue
  3. Go to the bottom of your screen and tap “Devices.”.
  4. All devices connected to your Apple ID should automatically be visible

Tip #2: Make sure you have an AirTag and a Compatible Charging Case Cover to protect your AirPods

airbags are just like any other device in the Find My App: A Bluetooth connection is established which provides a fairly accurate location for the airbag.

However, there are two major differences between AirTags, and the Find My Connection on other Apple devices.

  1. AirTags come with a battery that lasts for about one year
  2. AirTags provide location data regardless of where you are located using a global network of Apple devices. It can be found if it is within Bluetooth range of any Connected Apple device.

A $30 AirTag will pay for itself over and over on any valuable device you own. You can even use them to track and steal bikes.

If you’ve found your AirPods but don’t want them to go missing, order an AirTag and an AirPods Case from Amazon. Each case can hold one. It’s worth it. It will cost around $40, but it will save you a lifetime’s worth of stress and headaches.

FAQ: Finding Dead AirPods

Is it possible to track dead AirPods using the Find My App?

You can’t see their “last known location” in the Find My App if they are dead. AirPods can only be tracked if they have any remaining battery life.

Is it possible to track AirPods within the Charging Case

No, AirPods cannot be actively tracked if they’re still in their case. They won’t connect to your phone (thereby creating a Bluetooth connection that Finds My App can use) if they’re not in their charging case.

Your AirPods won’t be able to connect to Bluetooth if they are not in their charging case. Also, their location will not be updated when they are in the case.

AirPods Max is the only exception to this rule. They can keep a connection in their Smart Case for as long as 12 hours.

If your AirPods have gone missing, you can rely on the Find My App’s last location to find them. This may prove useful.

The Find My app might not show a location. In some cases it may just say “offline” and “No location found”. This means that your AirPods are not listed in the Find My App, making it even more difficult to find them.

Final thoughts: Finding Dead AirPods

It is not easy or simple to find AirPods with a dead battery. To locate them, you will need to rely on your memory and the Find My App’s last known location.

You can find them if you’re patient, willing, and able to search carefully and not panic.

If you are able to, purchase an AirTag and keep it along with your AirPods. You won’t have to guess their exact location ever again!

Which methods have you used to locate lost AirPods? Please share your thoughts with us below!

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