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How to Factory Reset Your HomePod or HomePod Mini

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Your HomePod can be sold or given away by returning it to its factory settings. How to reset your HomePod Mini, or HomePod Mini with an iPhone/Mac computer.

How to reset the HomePod directly

Unplug the HomePod and wait 10 seconds. Hold down the middle button until three beeps are heard.

  1. Unplug your HomePod and wait ten seconds
  2. Connect your HomePod to the outlet.
  3. Hold the middle button for five seconds. Once the light on your device’s top turns red, you will see the
  4. Continue pressing the middle button until you hear three clicks.
  5. You can let Siri tell you to release the button when your device is asking for a reset. Your HomePod will chime to confirm that it has been reset.

Once you’ve reset your HomePod, you will need to set it back up again . You can find our step by_step guide to how to do this .

Resetting your HomePod using an iPhone

Open the Home App. Next, click and hold on the HomePod button. Scroll down until you see Reset HomePod > Remove Accessories. Wait for the HomePod’s chime to sound.

  1. Download the Home app to your iPad or iPhone. The yellow icon is for the house.
  2. Next tap and hold the HomePod that you want to reset. You can find it under your Favourite Accessories List.
  3. Scroll to the bottom and tap Reset your HomePod.
  4. Then select Remove Accessory.
  5. Next tap
  6. Wait until your HomePod is reset. If your HomePod rings, it will be reset .

Resetting your HomePod Mini using a Mac

Connect your HomePod Mini to your Mac computer. Now, wait for the HomePod’s chime to start.

This only works for the HomePod Mini. The HomePod Mini does not have a USB-C connection so you cannot reset it with a Mac.

  1. Plug your HomePod Mini into your Mac. When your HomePod Mini is plugged into your Mac, the status light will turn orange.
  2. Next, create a Finder Window. You can do this by clicking on the half blue/half-grey face from your Dock or clicking on the desktop and pressing Command + N simultaneously.
  3. Next, select your HomePod from the left sidebar. This will be located under Locations. Scroll down to the left sidebar for more information.
    Note : If the HomePod Mini does not appear in the left sidebar, click Finder in the menu bar. Next click Options to select the Sidebar tab.
  4. Next, click Restore Your HomePod.
    Notification – You may need to install the most recent software update for your HomePod.
  5. Next, click In a pop-up window , restore
  6. Wait for the HomePod Mini to reset. This will depend on your internet speed.
  7. Disconnect your HomePod Mini from your Mac. Once you’re done, the orange light on the top of the HomePod Mini will turn off.
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