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How to Download YouTube Videos

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YouTube has billions of hours worth of videos on YouTube. Literally. That’s not the most impressive data about the website that has been the preferred destination for uploading and viewing movies online ever since. However, there are times when you’ll want or even need to access some of these videos on your personal device or on your computer. However, when the subject downloads of YouTube videos is discussed it’s not just a matter of deciding if it’s legal. to be discussed What is the legality of it?

In terms of copyright If you’re downloading videos for private offline use it’s probably fine. It’s more gray and black when you look at the Google terms of service regarding YouTube(Opens within a brand new tab), which read: “You are not allowed to…access, reproduce, download, distribute, transmit, broadcast, display, sell, license, alter, modify or otherwise use any part of the Service or any Content except: (a) as expressly authorized by the Service; or (b) with prior written permission from YouTube and, if applicable, the respective rights holders.”

How to Download YouTube Videos

The act of watching YouTube videos offline on unofficial channels is a way to earn money from Google and the video creators. There’s the reason YouTube has ads: people earn money this way.

Naturally, taking video content from YouTube is not an option. If you’re looking to share the film, YouTube and most other video sites allow for it to be done easily from embedding, to emailing to sharing through social networks. There is no need to download the video all times.

You have reasons. If you must download a YouTube video–absolutely need to, just for yourself, and not for dissemination, and not to be a total douche-nozzle–here’s how.

NOTE: This story is updated frequently as the tools involved change regularly. Some of those changes are not always pleasant, such as software so full of “extras,” it gets flagged as malware by antivirus tools . The same goes for the helper websites—a change in a site’s ad network can also create issues with malware .

To stop this from turning into an endless list of websites and programs that download YouTube videos We have come up with a few guidelines to be included. Services must

  • Use the three top video sites: YouTube, Facebook along with Vimeo.
  • Download complete streams or playlists in a bulk (on YouTube), at minimum with a paid subscription.
  • output to MP3 format for audio (or offer a companion application that can do this).
  • Create an interface that doesn’t make you feel like a suck.
  • Do not collect any personal information other than your email.
  • Not contain malware. If you smell even a hint of it around or even it’s a PUP It’s out.

The services, programs and websites in this report are free of virus/spam as of the date of writing however, cautionary tales are in order. Big time. Particularly if you’re emptying.

YouTube Premium Downloads

Available to users to YouTube Premium–the paid version of YouTube that lets you enjoy videos without ads. It’s kind of. However, there is one limitation to quality: The videos you download are only 1080p in quality or less. No 4K.

The main issue is, this feature can’t actually download a video and save it to your PC for the duration of. It’s more similar to the feature of downloading available on mobile apps like Netflix and Hulu and allows streaming videos for later viewing on the local storage on your computer and view it through the interface of the app only. It is not a technique that lets you play videos using other programs like that of VLC Media Player.

This Day in History

Downloads are accessible through YouTube’s YouTube hamburger menu and then choosing the Downloads option (Opens within a brand new tab)to view the list of downloads that you’ve made. The webpage states “Downloads remain available as long as your device has an active internet connection at least once every 30 days.” It’s not exactly what you’re seeking in a download and here are some apps that will provide.

Desktop Software

The third-party application is the place where you can enjoy the best control of downloading videos from online. In most cases, you type the URL of the YouTube video you wish to download into the software, and it downloads the best quality version that it can locate. For videos that are 1080p in high Definition (HD) formats the format is usually an MP4-formatted file. For any other format that is higher quality, like 4K or 8K, the file format is generally MKV.

There was a time when YouTube video content was Flash-based and therefore the download you received included the FLV file, but these are more difficult to replay. MP4 (short for MPEG-4 Part 14 multimedia format(Opens in a new tab)) plays everywhere

It is important to note that the MKV file which is also referred to as Matroska, also known as Matroska one, is a container. The file can include video using various codecs within. The most reliable method to play them all is to utilize VLC Media Player for Windows. VLC Media Player for Windows it plays everything. (Read more details about this in the following paragraphs.) In terms of downloaders These are the top choices.

VLC Media Player

We’ve mentioned VLC Media Player(Opens in a new tab) above because it’s an amazing program to use on Windows, Mac, and Linux users that can play back almost every media ever made. Additionally, it has the capability to save YouTube videos, but in a confusing manner. (If you experience issues, attempt a fresh install of VLC and then clear your cache so that it can work.)

Copy the URL of YouTube and launch VLC. On the Media menu Select Open Network stream(Ctrl+N) and paste the URL. Click Play. Once the video has started playing, navigate to tools > codec info. There’s a box at the bottom titled “Source”–copy the URL that you see inside the box.

Return to your browser and copy the URL–it’s just a temporary web address that expires eventually — into the address bar. Then, begin playing the video. While you’re watching the video in Chrome or Edge browsers, simply click the three dots at the lower left for the option to download the video to save the video locally. In other browsers such as Firefox you can right-click on the video and choose Save the video as.

It seems that VLC will only save your file in 1080p, and not higher, regardless of whether the initial YouTube stream was in 2160p or 1440p (aka 4K). It will not convert video to different formats. To access these options you’ll will require the software for desktops below.

VLC Media Player

$0.00 at the VideoLAN Organization. It(Opens in the new window)

4K Video Downloader

Free or $10 for a year of use; or $15 for a lifetime license for 3 computers; Windows, macOS, Ubuntu Linux, Android

Multilingual 4K Video Downloader(Opens in a new tab) (4KVD) is updated frequently and offers clearly marked download links on the site of the program; there are no ads or traps in this. The software delivers what it claims to do with a straightforward interface. It downloads videos as high as 8K in resolution and then downloads them to many formats. Simply copy the YouTube URL and hit on the Paste Link button to get going. 4KVD can even extract subtitles, complete playlists and all the videos from the channel you are a subscriber. The supported sites are limited to major names such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and a handful of others which covers the bulk of the content you require. It displays a massive banner for you to stay in the dark in the free version, but it is restricted to 30 downloads daily.

I needed to switch from MP4 to the MKV format to enable the test movie to download at 4K. 4KVD got me a 3 minute, 229.7MB file for a trailer for a movie in just one twenty seconds. I did the same thing when downloading Ultra High Definition (8K) playlist(Opens in an entirely fresh window).

If you activate using the Smart Mode and its presets 4KVD will make one-click downloads of your preferred format. If you’d like to upload more than 30 video per day , or join YouTube channels in order to immediately download(Opens within a brand new tab) the latest, which is a requirement for the premium version. The playback of the MKV files with VLC Media Player was flawless.

The program’s interface offers the option of converting audio files to MP3 format, therefore you don’t require to download the 4-K YouTube MP3(Opens with a fresh tab) companion software. If you’re interested in that it’s priced the same as 4KVD.

4K Video Downloader

$15 at 4K Download See It(Opens in new window)

4K YouTube to MP3

$15 at 4K Download See It(Opens in an entirely new window)

VideoProc Converter

$25.95 per year, 3 computers; $39.95 lifetime for 1 PC; $57.95 family on 3-5 PCs; Windows, macOS

The robust VideoProc from Digiarty includes an editor version and the converter(Opens in an entirely New window), which also offers editing and effects and, of course, handles lots of downloads, supporting 4K on over 1,000 sites as well as TikTok. It also has Hardware acceleration(Opens in a new tab), it promises some speed. Fortunately, it usually gives price reductions as well as a discount on it’s cost has gone down significantly for the one-year subscription; currently, it’s currently(Opens in an entirely fresh opening) just $25.95.

To utilize it, the program will recognize your hardware and determine the factors that will aid in acceleration (if any). Select the Downloader button then press to add video to insert as numerous URLs as you’d like to batch, and finally Click Download now. You can also download a complete YouTube streaming playlist, or live streams.

It converted the video of 697MB in test video(Opens within a brand new tab) to WEBM format within about 1.5 minutes. This isn’t too too bad. It’s a trial edition that comes with VideoProc Converter, which limits conversion time to five minutes, doesn’t seem to restrict downloads.

VideoProc Converter

$59.90 per year, per PC on VideoProcSee It(Opens in an entirely new window)


Similar to other similar programs, FlixGrab(Opens in a new window) has several different programs to choose from, including many that have similar features. For instance, it comes with FlixGrabMS in the Microsoft Store(Opens in a new tab) for Windows 10 and 11 devices, but it didn’t allow me to download videos from YouTube. Straight downloading of the FlixGrab application from the flixgrabapp.com site worked with YouTube as well as other websites. It also offers the free YouTube Downloader(Opens into a brand new screen) that is specific to YouTube and has the same user-friendly interface.

The biggest change we’ve seen since our last update is that price of upgrades have gone away. The site now features an option to donate where it states “for now, our applications are totally free.” If you are able to donate just a small amount by PayPal or credit card creators are grateful.

Free YouTube Download

$0.00 on FreeGrabAppSee It(Opens in an entirely new window)


The no-cost 5KPlayer(Opens in an entirely new window) is a lot more than just a downloader and has an impressive integrated downloader. It claims to not have ads, viruses or plug-in requirements is a great start. Unfortunately, it is among the very few that requires registration of your email address and name. You must do this in order to use the complete downloading function across more than 300 sites(Opens within a brand new browser). But, you are able to get 4K video clips on YouTube without registration.

While downloading, the program is able to hide certain aspects. Copy the URL of an YouTube video, and the analysis engine will run and display only a couple of download options. Hit the gear button, click choose the Show All button, and scroll to see more, similar to the 4K 3,840-by-2160 file with a resolution of 3,840 by 2,160 pixels in WebM format. A 2.27 MB WebM trial download takes 6.5 minutes. The ability to download playlists was available however, you have to adjust the settings for downloading by one video at a. The complicated interface makes it difficult to navigate back to other playlists.

5K Player is also equipped with DLNA playback on servers, so the videos that you download can be played back on any devices that can support DLNA as well as AirPlay for fast playback on Apple devices. Choose a video from the library to quickly convert in MP4, MP3, or even ACC (the audio format used for use by iOS). The player was not a fan of playing back the huge 4K file, however it had buffering issues (VLC did not experience any issues with the identical file).

In the end, there’s plenty to appreciate about 5K Player, from its cost and features particularly when you think of the features as an extra on the downloader. However, the poor interface, the slow download speeds and playback issues could cause you to look elsewhere.

Helper Websites (Heed Any )

Are you looking to stay clear of installing software? Helper websites for video downloads are designed to perform the downloading for you. They all do the same thing that you give them the YouTube URL (or other video sites that is supported) They then parse the URL, offer you the option of which size download you’d like to download and then provide you with a link to download the desired file. They are compatible with any platform, and sometimes for mobiles. There is no need download anything onto your computer. It may take longer, based on the size and the quality of the video you’re looking for but it’s hard to get better than the ease of use.


Don’t Lose Your Favorite Clips: How to Download Videos From Facebook How to Download a Web Page or Article to Read Offline How to Download TikTok Videos (Without a Watermark)

The issue is, it’s not always safe to believe them. There are numerous kinds of websites out there. It seems that anybody with a bit of coding skills has put one up. These sites can easily change from being useful to shady particularly if they become well-known and the owner makes money through your visits.

Since this story was initially released, all the helpful websites we suggested have been taken down for reasons such as adding explicit and sexually explicit ads, not anymore working, or shifting to pushing download tool only, and another has been shut down involuntarily to avoid being legally liable.

This is why we’re not suggesting any helper websites currently. If you do find it however, if your browser or antivirus program, or even your instincts give red-flag alerts be sure to stay clear of it and move to the next.

Browser Extensions

A browser extension could save you a step. However, you’ll encounter some difficulties downloading videos from YouTube, particularly in the case of making use of Chrome to be your default browser.

The Chrome Web Store(Opens in a new tab)–where you get Chrome browser extensions–is managed by the YouTube’s owner, Alphabet/Google. An extension that is supposedly to be used for this purpose won’t be able allow YouTube direct downloads because due to Chrome Store restrictions. As a rule, when using Chrome extensions, downloading of any RTMP protocol (protected video) and streaming of video isn’t feasible. However, you can make use of them on other sites with videos, however. Just not YouTube.

Do you want to avoid it? Install an extension that does need tocome through Google’s Web Store. Google Web Store. Some of the applications and helper websites offer an extension feature and explain the procedure to install(Opens with a fresh tab) without the assistance that the Chrome Web Store typically provides. Here are some examples.

YouTube Video Downloader

YouTube Downloader is a part of Addoncrop(Opens in a brand new window) is on multiple browsers and has an excellent side-load capabilities(Opens in an entirely separate open window) using user scripts or third-party extensions, such as Foxified (Opens in an entirely open-new opening)(which lets Chrome/Edge use Firefox extensions). It displays a button beneath the video you’re watching on YouTube or embeds a YouTube video which makes it simple to download. The quality of the supported video increases to 8K. It is also possible to convert audio from the video into an MP3 format. It can even assist you to create video pictures.

YouTube Video Downloader

$0.00 on AddOnCropSee It(Opens in an entirely new window)


Video DownloadHelper

video DownloadHelper(Opens with a fresh tab) supports a huge variety of websites, even those designed specifically designed for adults. It will be clear that a video is downloadable by the way the icon for the extension appears animated when you’re on the website page. Video Download Helper for Chrome has stopped working on YouTube so that it may be placed on the Chrome Web Store. To circumvent this, you can use this Video DownloadHelper extension on Firefox or Edge instead.

Mobile Video Downloader Apps

The process of downloading YouTube from YouTube with an Android app downloaded from the Google Play Store is difficult, as Google is in control of the YouTube website it owns (even even if it doesn’t seem to detect malware) in addition, it offers the premium YouTube Premium service for offline watching.

However, with Android the platform, there could be possible to install applications without having to go through Google. For instance, InsTube – Free Music and Video Downloader(Opens within a brand new tab) for Android can only be downloaded through InsTube’s website. You can download this APK (Android app package) application package file and install it it on your Android device. Locate it on your device’s downloads, and then click for it to install(Opens in an entirely fresh window). (You might need to go to your security settings and turn on “Unknown sources.”)

For iPhones or iPads you’d think that there could be no restrictions as Apple is a major player in the market, and Google aren’t the most ideal of friends (or maybe they are(Opens in a new tab)). But, with the iOS apps I’ve tested and tested, they’re not able to download from YouTube however, they’re usually not available for a long time. One of those apps states in its description “Downloading from YouTube is prohibited due to its Terms of Service.” Apple ensures that app makers follow the rules, even Google’s rules.

Most likely, once you discover an iOS app that downloads YouTube videos, it’s going to be “fixed” or banned. The only way to get it fixed is jailbreaking your iPhone and then use sideloaded apps which download the content you desire.

There are a few workarounds. One solution is to join YouTube Premium; it lets you download videos on an iPhone and iPad to play later, similar to what Netflix or Hulu do. However, it doesn’t allow you to edit the video.

Another option is to use a free iOS application for managing files, such as Documents Readdle(Opens with a fresh tab). Make use of your Safari browser to view the YouTube video and click the share option in order to search for Copy Link. After that, go to Documents and use the built-in browser of the app to navigate to a video download assistance website (you are the ones we don’t advise). Paste the URL in the box (hold your finger on it until you see your “Paste” menu to pop up). The website will show you the download links then you’ll be able to download the files in Documents. Then hold and drag the file upwards until you’re back on your main screen. Drag it into in the Photos folder. You’ll have to grant Documents permission to gain access to photos for the first time. Then, you can play the video the same way as you would any other video you’ve taken via tablet or phone using Photos. Photos app.

Documents by Readdle

$0.00 in the Apple App StoreWatch It(Opens in an entirely new window)

Another option is to go back to your desktop and check out AnyTrans(Opens in an entirely brand new tab) ($39.99 for a single computer for a an entire year on Windows and macOS; $59.99 for a lifetime plan) It’s a desktop-based management tool for iOS devices that comes with an integrated downloader that supports over 900 sites, which includes YouTube along with Facebook. It will download the videos onto the iPhone via an USB cable. Even if you do not pay for AnyTrans the option to download remains free for the duration of time.

YT Scribe

Are you looking for a unique method of “download” a video? YouTube Scribe(Opens with a fresh tab) lets you grab the transcription to read them in lieu of. It automatically transcribes, punctuates and even paragraphs the text. The more subtitles you have more accurate it is the “article,” of course. And the best part, it’s completely free.

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