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How to Download and Install Windows XP for Free

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Get a free copy of Windows XP You can do it by using a virtual machine. This article will explain how.

Windows XP has been discontinued by Microsoft. Despite this, Windows XP can still be found on millions of computers around the world. Why is Windows XP still being used by people? Most people still use Windows XP for work, research, and entertainment.

It is not easy to find a copy of Windows XP. It’s just as hard to find the right hardware for it. It is best to install Windows XP on a virtual machine so that you have it at all times. Here’s how it works!

Windows XP is really free?

Microsoft offered Windows XP Mode for a long time. This is a fully-featured version of XP, which runs within Windows 7. But most people have moved on from Windows 7 so this compatibility fix is a bit useless.

Microsoft has removed the ability to directly download Windows XP Mode. You don’t have to be discouraged. The Windows XP Mode download link is below.

You will need these things before you can continue with the download Windows XP iso  Mode tutorial:

  1. Install the most recent version of VirtualBox.
  2. Install , a file archive software. This tutorial uses 7Zip.
  3. A copy of Windows XP Mode (see above).

1. Download Windows XP Mode Virtual Hard Drive

Download the Windows XP Mode Virtual Hard Disk.

Don’t install it until it finishes

Instead, navigate to the executable and then right-click on it. Select 7Zip > Open Archive > Cab from this context menu.

This opens 7-Zip’s executable. These files are divided into three:

To view three additional files, open Sources

Double-click xpm. This is the XP Mode virtual drive folder. It should look exactly like the image below.

These files are required to create an XP Mode virtual disk. They are Archive files but not executable files.

These files must be extracted to a new folder.

Select Extract in the toolbar. Next, press the ellipsis symbol next to the address bar. Browse to the location you want to extract files–your drive C: is fine–and then select Make a New Folder.

My folder is called “Windows XP Mode” by me, but you have the option to call it whatever you like. Once you are ready, click OK and then OK again to begin the extraction process. This process can take up to a minute.

Navigate to the folder that you created after the extraction process is complete. The same file list will appear. You can edit these files however, the difference being that they are now available for you to modify.

Select the file VirtualXPVHD. To rename the file, press F2. Add a period between “P” and “V”, and then press Enter.now reading VHD. The file will be transformed into a virtual disk and the icon should be displayed.

2. Install Windows XP Mode on a Virtual Machine

Before we proceed with the XP Mode virtual disk extraction, I requested that you download and install VirtualBox. VirtualBox is an app that lets you run multiple operating systems from a single window.

We will install Windows XP Mode virtual drive in VirtualBox.

  1. Open VirtualBox. Select New.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the Creator Virtual Machine Window and select Expert Mode (if your window has an option for Guid Mode), you are already in Expert Mode.
  3. Give your virtual machine a name. The Version will be automatically updated if you include “XP”. Double-check that the Version is Windows XP 32-bit.
  4. Allocate some memory to the virtual machine. Memory is shared. This means that both the host (your computer) and the guest (the virtual machines) can use it simultaneously. Windows XP doesn’t need a lot of RAM to function. I recommend that you allocate 512 MB minimum (but not more than 2048).
  5. You will need to assign the virtual disk you extracted earlier from Windows XP Mode executable. Select Hard disk and choose Use an existing virtual disk file. Next, click the green arrow to open the folder. Navigate to the folder where we have extracted our files and select VirtualXP. Next, select Open.

Your new virtual machine setup should look this after you are done:

Okay? Hit To Create.

3. Windows XP Mode Disk Settings

You will need to adjust a few settings before you can start your shiny new Windows XP virtual computer.

Click Settings on the VirtualBox toolbar. Go to System. Take a look at the Boot order. Move Floppy, down the list. Move Hard Disk up the list. The virtual machine is just like the host PC in that it has a particular boot order. To boot first, you need to place the virtual hard drive at the top.

Increase Video Memory to 128 Mb under Display

Windows XP Virtual Machine Network Setting

Next, verify the Windows XP virtual machine networking settings. VirtualBox older versions required you to manually configure your network. VirtualBox is now smarter (read: automated), and will usually automatically pick up your network settings.

My Windows XP Mode virtual computer works with the default configuration. This includes NAT and the VirtualBox-specific adapter. Also, make sure Cable Connected has been checked.

You can always try another configuration if the first fails.

  1. Set Attached To: Host-only adapter
  2. Set Name VirtualBox Host Only Ethernet Adapter
  3. Set Promiscuous Mode: Deny
  4. Check Cable Connected

Use the Start Menu search bar to type network. Select the Sharing Centre. Select Change adapter settings in the left column. Hold CTRL to select your Ethernet/wireless card as well as the VirtualBox Host-Only Network. Next, click on the right-click to select Bridge Connection.

Combining the adapters creates an “internet bridge”, which allows the virtual machine to connect with a network even if it doesn’t have access to the router or alternative switch.

You will need to change your network adapter settings when you enter the virtual machine

  1. Head to Control panel > Network and internet connections > Network Connections.
  2. Next, right-click on the Local Area Connection and choose Properties. Highlight Internet Protocol and then choose Properties.
  3. Select Enter the following IP address and an available IP address to your home network. For example, I will enter Enter your Subnet Mask and Default Gateway.
  4. Not sure what they are? On your host computer, press windows key + R. Next, type CMD. Finally, hit Enter. Now, type ipconfig /all. The information you require will be listed under the name of your wireless adapter or Ethernet.
  5. Enter the DNS server addresses the same as the host. Google DNS is what I use, so I will enter
  6. Hit OK.

4. Start the Windows XP Virtual Machine

The virtual hard drive was extracted. Now you can create a virtual machine and adjust the settings.

Highlight the Windows XP Mode virtual computer in the main VirtualBox window. Double-click the icon and wait for Windows XP’s to come alive.

Looks like you made it!

It is possible that your mouse may not work immediately with Windows XP Mode virtual machines. Use the Tab, Arrow, Spacebar and Enter keys to navigate the pages of the operating system installation.

Finish the installation. The screen will be completely black. Don’t worry! To restart the virtual machine, press Right CTRL + R

You can Cancel New Hardware Installation and Microsoft Automatic Update Wizards after it reboots.

Instead, visit Devices Download Guest Additions CD Image. VirtualBox now has some useful functionality, such as custom resolutions and mouse options.

To navigate to My Computer if the installation does not start automatically, you can use the keyboard. To open the Start menu, press the Windows Key and then the arrow keys to My Computer. Wait for the setup to finish by using the default location.

Warnings will appear that you are trying to install unsupported software or drivers. Select Continue As. It takes a while to install the software. You will need to input periodic information in order for it not to stop warnings.

After the installation of Guest Additions is complete, click Reboot now.

Restart the virtual machine if it doesn’t reboot.

There you go. You now have a fully functional Windows XP installation.

What about Windows XP Product Keys

A temporary license for Windows XP Mode virtual machines expires after 30 calendar days.

You can use an old Windows XP license to keep your virtual machine running. You can still activate Windows XP by calling your phone. However, the activation servers for Windows XP are often offline.

You could also try the Windows activation loop if you feel shady. This allows you to reset your trial license back at its original 30-day limit. It is not possible to do this with Windows XP Mode virtual machines, so I recommend you conduct a private experiment.

However, it is easier to take a snapshot of Windows XP Mode right after installation. You can then revert back to the original snapshot, but you will lose all data on the virtual machine.

You will need to keep reinstalling Windows XP Mode without snapshots.

Windows XP is Not Secure

You should not use Windows XP just because it works! Windows XP is no more suitable for primary operating systems due to security risks. You should upgrade to a more modern operating system if you still have Windows XP installed on your laptop or home computer.

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