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How To Download A Discord Profile Picture

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Users on Discord can use any image they like as their profile picture. Many people take pride in their unique images. Sometimes you might come across someone who has a profile photo you like but can’t save it immediately. Both on smartphones and computers.

There are still ways to download the profile images of other people on Discord. This can be done on both mobile and PC platforms. Continue reading to learn more.

Downloading Discord profile pictures on a computer

There are two main methods to download profile pictures from other users on PC. The Inspect Element feature in Google Chrome and other browsers is one method. The second method requires a Discord bot capable of using an “avatar command”.

It is possible to use the Inspect Element method without using a bot. This makes it very convenient. It is however slightly more complicated as you will need to navigate through a lot of code. We can simplify everything by condensing it into easy steps.

Using Inspect Element

You’ll be taking a ride as you work through code that you might not understand. These are the steps:

Part One

  1. Google Chrome.
  2. Discord.
  3. To view the profile of a user, click on the user’s name.
  4. To open the Inspect Element window, press Shift + Ctrl+ I.
  5. To open the Element Selector, press Ctrl + Shift+ C or click the icon in the upper left corner of the Inspect Element window.
  6. To view a user’s profile picture, click on it.
  7. You’ll now see some code highlighted.
  8. You will need to click the arrow behind “div”.
  9. The arrows must be clicked in this order: “svg,” “foreignObject,” and “div.”
  10. A URL will be displayed to your profile picture.

Part 2

  1. Copy the URL by clicking on it or paste it in a new tab.
  2. Wait for your profile picture to appear.
  3. Right-click the image.
  4. Select “Save Image as …””
  5. You now have the profile picture of another user.

The Inspect Element window can be used to save images in a variety of ways. The URL can be extended to increase the image’s size by increasing the number at the end. Although the image will be larger, it may become blurrier.

You can change the file extension to save images that are not in JPG or PNG format. This will make the file more accessible.

Discord Bot

Many popular Discord bots include an “avatar command.” This code will display the profile photos of users in a message that allows you to download them to your device. These are the bots you will want to use.

  • Dyno
  • Mudae
  • Shiro
  • ProBot
  • Ayana
  • Dank Memer

You can also check the command list of your bot to see if there are similar commands.

These steps will allow you to download your profile picture with bots:

  1. Enter the command in accordance with your bot’s syntax.
  2. After the command is finished, ping the profile owner.
  3. You can execute the command by pressing the “Enter” key on your computer.
  4. Click on the embedded image to open the new message.
  5. Click on “Open Original”.
  6. Click the image URL.
  7. If necessary, make any adjustments to the size.
  8. Right-click your profile picture.
  9. Select “Save Image as …””

You may find this method annoying for other users, as they will have to ping you. You can only apologize if they are unhappy. You can still ask them permission to proceed.

Discordzoom is a website that allows you to avoid awkward interactions.

Using discordzoom

Discordzoom allows you to “steal” profile photos without having to ping other users. It also enlarges them in high-quality. This website allows you to avoid unnecessary confrontations, and you can download profile photos as you wish. Although it may occasionally go down, the site remains active for most of the time.

This is how the method works:

  1. If you don’t have Developer Mode enabled on Discord, first enable it.
  2. Right-click on a user to look for their username ID.
  3. Go to discordzoom.com.
  4. In the text box, paste the user ID.
  5. Click on “Enlarge!”
  6. Right-click the avatar
  7. Click on “Save Image as …””

The website automatically increases the Discord profile photos without affecting their quality. These pictures can be viewed without the need for poor enlargement.

An Android app for downloading Discord profiles pictures

Inspect Element won’t work on Android as well as it does on a computer. The other methods work fine.

Discord Bot

Discord bots mentioned previously will accept “avatar” and related commands on Android devices. It takes just a few taps to save images faster.

These are the instructions:

  1. Discord Mobile.
  2. Follow the correct channel.
  3. Enter the command “avatar”.
  4. Ping the user
  5. Press send to execute the “avatar command.”
  6. Click on the embedded image to open it.
  7. It can be saved to your mobile device.

That’s all for Android. It’s easy and you don’t need to worry about file format.

Using discordzoom

Discordzoom.com allows mobile users to discreetly download their profile photos. This website is also available on Android. You can save images just like you would on a browser.

  1. Your Discord app must first be enabled in Developer Mode.
  2. Select a Discord user.
  3. To open their profile window, tap on the profile picture.
  4. Scroll down and choose “Copy ID” from the “Developer Mode” section.
  5. Go to discordzoom.com.
  6. Copy the ID into the text box.
  7. Tap on “Enlarge!”
  8. Save your profile photo or GIF.

Once either method has been completed, you can locate the file in your Gallery app.

An iPhone’s guide to downloading Discord profile pictures

Even though Discord works on both iOS and Android, it is identical across all devices. The steps are almost identical for iPhone. Any differences will be noted.

Discord Bot

You must make sure you ping the right user or else you could be subject to angry people. The method can be used even if Discord users are not obedient.

  1. Discord is available for iOS.
  2. You can find the right bot or spamming channel by clicking here.
  3. Enter the ” avatar command in the appropriate format.
  4. Enter “@” to find the right user.
  5. Send the message to execute the “avatar command”.
  6. Click on the embedded image in the text message.
  7. It can be saved to your mobile device.

Using discordzoom

Google Chrome will be the most popular browser for Android and PC users, but Safari is preferred by some iOS users. It doesn’t really matter which browser you choose, as discordzoom.com can be used on any of them.

  1. First, enable Developer Mode in Discord for iPhone.
  2. Start the app and find a user.
  3. Click on the profile picture to open their profile window.
  4. Scroll down and choose “Copy ID” from the “Developer Mode” section.
  5. Go to discordzoom.com.
  6. Copy the ID into the text box.
  7. Click on the “Enlarge” button beside the text box.
  8. You can save the profile photo or GIF to your iPhone.

How to download a Discord profile picture on an iPad

Discord is available for iPads, which is no surprise considering iPads are still a very popular Apple product. If you wish to download an avatar of someone, the steps are identical to those for iPhone.

Discord Bot

The “avatar” command will require you to ping the user you are executing. You won’t hear from them if they have disabled all pings from their server. This method is best used with friends or people you have asked beforehand.

  1. Discord can be accessed on your iPad.
  2. Navigate to a channel that allows bot commands
  3. Enter the command ” avatar“.
  4. Next, type ” @” to find the user from whom you wish to take a profile photo.
  5. Click the send button to execute the “avatar command.”
  6. Click on the embedded image in the text message.
  7. It can be saved to your iPad.

Using discordzoom

iPad users will find discordzoom a little easier due to its larger screen. However, discordzoom’s mobile view remains functional.

  1. Discord for iPad should be set to Developer Mode first.
  2. Start the app and select a user.
  3. Click on the profile picture to open their profile window.
  4. Scroll down and choose “Copy ID” from the “Developer Mode” section.
  5. Go to discordzoom.com.
  6. Drop your ID into the text box.
  7. Tap the avatar.
    You can save the profile photo or GIF to your iPad.

Let me Get It From You

It can be difficult to get profile photos from Discord users, but it is possible with these free methods. All of these methods are legal, provided you do not infringe upon any copyrights. Discord doesn’t support any of these methods, but they aren’t banned.

These are some of the methods you might have tried before. How would you feel if someone looked at your profile photo right in front? Please leave your comments below.

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