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How to disable Activity Status on Instagram

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Instagram introduced the “last seen” function to its platform in January 2018. This feature is called Activity Status and allows all your followers (and anyone else who messages you) to see when you last were active. This feature can also be viewed by others. This feature has been added to the direct messaging section, which allows you to converse with your friends. The privacy-obstructing feature works in the same way as on WhatsApp Messenger and Facebook Messenger but with a different name. The company added a section at the top listing all active Instagram followers in a recent Instagram update. You can disable this feature to keep others from knowing when they were last active on Instagram. Here are the steps to disable activity status in Instagram.

Instagram 2022: Disable Activity Status

  1. To begin, let’s familiarise ourselves with Activity Status. This is how the “last active” tab will look and the tag that appears under the usernames of people you have recently emailed.
  2. To disable activity on Instagram, open your Instagram account, tap the hamburger menu icon (horizontal three lines icon), and select “Settings”.
  3. To change the activity status of your Instagram account, navigate to the Settings page and tap on the “Privacy Section” button.
  4. You can now disable the “Show Activity Status” , and you’re good to go. Your online status will not be visible to other Instagram users. You will not be able see the last status of any text messages you send to people if you disable the activity status.
  5. As you can see, The “online now” button at the top of the page has disappeared After disabling the activity status. The “active” status will no longer be visible. ago” tag either.

Instagram DM’s Online Status Section is to be removed

You can keep your business private by disabling the “Activity Status” feature on Instagram. This will protect your privacy and keep all your relatives and friends away. We think it was unnecessary to add a section that would expose your online status, despite the new Instagram polls and quick sharing of photos. What do you think about this update? Is it worth it or not? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

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