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How to delete all photos from your iPhone or iPad

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It’s a valuable skill to know how to delete all photos on your iPhone or iPad. The good news is that it’s easy! Many of us have too many photos on our iPads and iPhones. Clearing them out is the best way to make space.

The best iPhone or the most iPad, taking photos is likely to be one of your main purposes. Let’s face the facts, these memories can also be a major storage hog, so unless you have the most recent model, you may not have enough storage.

Regardless of whether you have backups on iCloud or iDrive or are using Google Photo backup, there is a good chance that you will need to delete all photos from the iPhone or iPad at some point, especially if you are in a hurry to reclaim a lot space.

No matter what reason you have for removing photos from your iPhone, this guide will help.

It’s important to note that photos will be deleted once you’ve completed the steps. If you want to retain these memories, make sure to back them up before you delete them. This article will help you to remove all photos from your iPhone/iPad.

How to delete all photos on your iPhone

Apple does not allow you to select all photos and then delete them. However, there’s an easy way to delete all of them. It shouldn’t take longer than a few minutes.

  1. The Photos app is open
  2. Select All photos from the navbar at bottom of screen.
  3. Tap In the top right, select
  4. Take a quick swipe to move your finger from the bottom-right photo to the bottom left photo. Next, slide your finger up until you reach the top. Each photo will have blue checkmarks next to it. You’ll then select each one from your library. Do not hold your finger down for too long, or swipe straight up. This will cause you to drag the photo around instead of selecting it.
  5. You can speed up the process by using your other hand’s finger to swipe down repeatedly. You can select thousands of photos within seconds.
  6. After you have selected all your library, tap the trash icon at the bottom right. Next, tap’Remove X photos.
  7. Scroll down to Utilities and select the Albums tab to view Photos Recently Deleted. Hit Select again and scroll up to highlight each photo. To permanently delete them, tap Delete at the bottom-left corner. Next, click Delete.

You can use the same steps to delete all photos stored on an iPad.

You can’t undo photos that you have deleted from Recent Deleted. If you feel regretful, your photos will remain in the folder for 30 calendar days.

You can also back up your photos to iCloud and they will disappear from your cloud storage the moment they are deleted from your phone. Technically, this can be avoided by disabling iCloud storage before deleting photos. However, once the feature is reactivated, the photos will disappear immediately.

How to delete all iPhone photos from a specific person, file type or location

It is quite difficult to delete all your iPhone photos. You might want to delete a lot old photos that you no longer want, but you can save some. There are several easy ways to delete photos from specific categories.

Let’s begin with the breakup scenario. Apple’s AI recognizes repeated faces in photos so you can delete any Apple Photos that contain the person you don’t want to forget.

Tap the Search tab to see headshots from your most photographed subjects. Or, you can check the People & Places area of the Albums tab. Select the person you want to cut out from your life and then tap See All’ beside the X Photos section. Then, you can select and toss them using the same finger-swiping technique as before.

If a specific place has become toxic, you can do the exact same thing. Assuming your photos have been geotagged, just hit Search and tap on one of the automatically generated Places. Then choose ‘See All’ for everything to be found, selected, and deleted.

You can also delete by category. Scroll down to the Albums tab to mass delete all your old screenshots, photos that were hidden previously, and unflattering selfies.


Use a Mac to erase all photos from iPhone

You can use iCloud if you are invested in Apple ecosystem and have an iPhone as well as a Mac. This will ensure that all changes to your Mac Photos library are reflected on your iPhone.

If you delete your photo collection on your Macbook, iMac or iMac they will disappear from your iPhone – provided both devices are connected to your iCloud image library.

Open the Photos app on Mac. Click any photo to open the Library tab. To select all of them, press A. If you are certain you want them all to be deleted, hit backspace and then hit Return.

Your entire photo collection will now be available in your ‘Recently deleted’ tab. Type A again in that tab and then delete them all.

You’re done! All those photos are gone and there is now more space for your iPhone, iPad and Mac. You’re now ready to make new memories.


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