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How To Delete All Alarms From iPhone?

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Do you have a talent for using your smartphone to delete all alarms? You’re not all on your own. If you’re like me, you may have created a lengthy list of alarms over the course of time. For some reason, now it’s your desire to delete all alarms off the list. Clock application for Android or iOS and you might be thinking you’ll have to remove each one separately. Sure, you can do it, but what happens if you have 10-20 or maybe 50or more alarms? The process of deleting them one at a time can take up a significant amount of your time, and certainly turn into an ineffective task. To assist you in this, we’re providing this guide that provides simple and fast methods to delete all alarms in one go for both iPhone as well as Android devices.

How to delete all alarms

Request Siri to do it for you. With the modern iPhone that is always waiting to “Hey Siri,” just say “Hey Siri, delete all alarms” out loud.

When your smartphone isn’t listening, hold on to the home button till Siri appears, and then you can say “Delete all alarms.”

Siri will prompt users to verify the message. Answer “Yes” or tap the “Confirm” button.

All alarms within Clock will be erased. The clock applications will be deleted regardless of whether they’re turned on or not.

Delete All Alarms At Once on iPad and iPhone

We are all aware of the power Siri is getting more powerful with each iOS update. And guess what? iOS personal assistant can do? All you’ll need to get rid of all the created alarms at once. Here’s how.

  1. Start Siri by saying ‘Hey Siri’, if it is enabled. Press the home button.
  2. Now you can now, tell Siri that you want to ” Delete All Alarms”.
  3. Once you’ve confirmed your decision, delete all alarms that are gone forever.

It’s an extremely easy and simple method to delete all alarms from the iOS device.

Control your alarms

If you’re planning to use the Clock application to the iPhone or iPad as your alarm clock, make sure you don’t allow it to get out of hand. You can delete all alarms to set different times and then reuse them, or delete ones you won’t use again.

If nothing else works then at least you have learned how to remove several alarms that are not used in your iPhone or the iPad at the same time.

Do you utilize the Clock app to set alarms? Do you do your best to keep them in check? Please let us know!

How to disable multiple Alarms

Siri can also swiftly delete all alarms and without deleting them, if you have several alarms activated. Simply say “Hey Siri, turn off all my alarms” or “Hey Siri, delete all  alarms.”

In addition, Siri can also turn on all your alarms in one go. Just use the option “Hey Siri, turn on all my alarms” or “Hey Siri, delete all alarms.”

Make use of Siri to create and manage individual alarms

Siri is perfect to work on alarms. In reality, alarms are among the most ways to use Siri. It’s an easy task, Siri can generally understand your voice clearly and beats pressing away in Clock. Clock app.

To set an alarm, you can say something similar to “Set an alarm for 6:30 am,” “Set an alarm in 30 minutes,” or “Set an alarm on weekends at 8 at.” If you’ve set an alarm to a specific time, and you’d like to switch on the alarm, you can do so with an easy command, such as “Turn on my 7 am alarm.”

To erase an alarm, you can say something similar to “Delete my 6 am alarm.” To shut off an alarm, use “Turn off my 9 am alarm.” To change an alarm, say “Change my alarm to 7 am.”

Siri will ask you for clarification if you’re not sure the alarm you’d like to enable, remove or alter.

It’s not necessary to speak these commands using the same way as we created them, of course. Siri will be able to understand what you’re looking for in the event that you use the same words.

Delete All Alarms at Once Android Smartphones

In contrast to iOS, however, it’s not like iOS. An android personal assistant isn’t yet able to delete all alarms. However, don’t worry about it. The method is listed below.

  1. Go to Settings and then select the Android phone.
  2. Under Settings, tap for the Apps tab.
  3. Then, click Clock from the available apps.
  4. Then, click Clean Data then confirm that you want to delete app data by clicking OK.

All you have to do. Visit the Clock app and you’ll find no alarms.

We hope this article has helped Android or iPhone users to swiftly delete all alarms in the default Clock application. If you think the article has value, make sure to share the article on social media.


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