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How To Delete A Blank Page In Google Docs

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You may encounter blank pages when using Google Docs. Sometimes, you might have accidentally hit or ‘Ctrl + Enable’ when typing. Or maybe you copied something from another place with very different formatting. Documents with blank pages can make a document look amateurish.

It is easy to get rid of the blank pages in Google Docs. There are several ways you can accomplish this task. This article will show you how to delete Google Docs pages and provide some useful tips about Google Docs in general.

Method #1: Hitting Delete

You’ve tried hitting Backspace but it didn’t work. It just returned you to the previous page. This is how Google Docs and MS Word function. But, you have probably not tried Delete. The delete button will quickly remove the unwanted blank page. Here’s how it works.

  1. Place your cursor at page’s end and hit delete.
  2. If this doesn’t work, highlight the page again and click the delete link.

The above solution should suffice in most cases. This is why it is important to use this method before considering other options. Sometimes, however, you may need to leave blank pages.

Method 2: Look at Custom Spacing

Google Docs may create a new page if it is instructed to add space after a paragraph. These steps will help you determine if it is custom spacing.

  1. Navigate to Format from the toolbar. Next hover over Line spacing.
  2. A menu appears. Click Custom Spacing to change the value after the paragraph.

Method #3: Adjust Page Breaks

Although page breaks are not something that happens often, they do happen. Although you might not be able to recall navigating all the ways to Insert, and then adding a Page Break, that’s not the only way it can happen.

Enter. If your pinky or any other finger hovers over the Ctrl key you may accidentally insert a new page break. You can delete the page break quickly, but you cannot delete or use Backspace if it is in the middle.

Method #4: Modify the Margins

Google Docs will attempt to add space at the bottom if your margin settings are too high. However, it ends up creating a blank page. The following steps will help you determine if the page you want is resulting from a large margin.

  1. Go to Select Page Settingup.
  2. Adjust the margins in the Page setup window to make them smaller.

Method #5: Get some additional tips

These are just a few of the ways you can delete unwanted pages in Google Docs. However, there are other options that can be used to prevent them from ever happening. These are some helpful tips for formatting your Google documents.

Tip #1: Use Section Breaks

If you don’t use sections breaks, it’s not possible to call a document “well formatted”. Section breaks will help you organize your work. These steps will add a section break to your work:

  1. Navigate to Input into the toolbar, then click Stop.
  2. You can choose which type of break you want from the Break menu. Page Break creates new pages, Section Break (continuous) starts a new section on the page, and section break (nextpage) switches the page to add a section.

Tip #2: Clear Formatting

Clear formatting allows you to change any layout or text preferences in your document to their default settings. The Clear Formatting option can be used by following the steps:

  1. Select the Format tab from the Google document toolbar and then click Clear formatting.

You can modify the appearance, formatting characteristics and layout of your document by resetting the formatting.

An Android Device can be used to delete a blank page in Google Docs

Many consider Android and Google Docs the standard. They are both maintained by Google. The process is similar to the ones described above. Here’s how it works.

  1. Click on the widget to open Google Docs.
  2. Open your file and select the page you wish to delete. Now tap Edit icon. It looks like a pencil.
  3. Next, tap the three vertical dots menu.
  4. Next, tap Print style to remove any blank pages.

Here’s how to delete a file that isn’t there.

  1. Google Docs is available.
  2. Click on More or the three vertical dots at the end of the file that you wish to delete.
  3. Next, tap Remove to delete it.

These steps can also be used to delete files from Google Sheets or Slides.

Remove a blank page in Google Docs from a Chromebook

You can delete blank pages from Google Docs using your Chromebook. The steps are the same as those mentioned above. Here’s a quick overview of how it works.

  1. Open the Google Docs App.
  2. Highlight the page you wish to delete, and then hit Backspace. Click on the Remove button if the blank page is near the bottom of a paper.

It’s easy.

Google Docs is a web-based app that appears to be simple. However, it has many formatting options which can cause pages to become unorganized and unevenly spaced. Unwanted blanks can make a document difficult to read and alter its organization. You can use the formatting tips below to fix unwanted blank pages with Google Docs knowledge.

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