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How to Deactivate or Delete Your Telegram Account

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Telegram is a reliable messaging app that protects your conversations and offers many features. If you are moving to another messaging app, you should delete your Telegram account.

Telegram does not have a way to turn off your Telegram account directly. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to deactivate and delete your Telegram accounts.

Here are some reasons you might want to delete your Telegram account

Telegram has some great features but there are many reasons to deactivate your Telegram account. These are just a few of the reasons you might want to delete Telegram.

1. You shouldn’t use Telegram anymore

There are many instant messaging apps, so Telegram may not be the right app for you anymore. You might be able to use a new IM application in your area and shift your conversations there.

2. Telegram: Your Friends are leaving Telegram

You might find that some of your family members or friends are not on Telegram anymore. You’re now following them on Telegram to keep in touch.

3. Telegram’s Policies Are Worrying You

Telegram’s open policies, and the wide range of communities it hosts, may not be for you. Multiple reports state that Telegram is a hotbed of illegal activity. It hosts channels where users can download music and movies for free.

4. Telegram is not trustworthy

Telegram does not encrypt chats automatically and some have criticized its security model. Signal, a competitor to Telegram, is generally more trusted in privacy and security.

How to deactivate your Telegram account

Telegram will automatically delete your account after six months of inactivity. You can change this setting to adjust the time Telegram waits before deleting your account. You can also set it to six months, three months or a whole year.

The settings of the Telegram Android or iOS app will include the self-destruct option. Tap the three-bar menu button at the top-left and choose Settings. Scroll down until you reach the Delete account section of the Privacy & Security webpage.

Select the If Away entry and then define the duration of your inactivity. Your account will self-destruct.

You can’t deactivate your Telegram account temporarily. You can only leave your Telegram account inactive. You can also uninstall Telegram apps from both your phone and computer.

Download: Telegram for Android | iOS (Free)

How to delete your Telegram account

Telegram makes it easy to delete your account and all data in a matter of minutes for those who don’t want to wait a month. This tool is only available on the internet and is not available in native apps. This tool works on both desktop and mobile browsers.

To deactivate your Telegram Account, go to the My Telegram portal and enter your Telegram number using the international format. Then click Next.

You will receive a confirmation code via Telegram, not SMS. To retrieve this code, you must be able to access your Telegram account.

Next, click on the Delete Account button. Write your reasons for leaving in the text box. When you are ready, click the Delete my Account button.

The prompt will ask you to select the red Yes option, Delete my Account. That’s it. Telegram will permanently delete your account data and information.

What happens if you delete your Telegram account?

It’s important to fully understand the consequences before you delete your Telegram account forever.

Telegram claims that it deletes all chats and data when you close your account. Your account is permanently terminated and all of your chats, contacts, and messages are lost.

The channels and groups that you have created will still function as normal even if Telegram is deleted. Existing admins will also retain their privileges. Telegram will randomly assign a new admin to you if you are the only admin.

Telegram will not allow you to create a new account using the same number for at least two days. A ban cannot be removed if an account has been blocked due to spam-related activity.

This guide is not intended for users who just want to delete all their Telegram conversations. To do this, open Telegram and long-press on the chats to delete them. To delete highlighted conversations, tap the trash bin at its top.

You can also contact Telegram’s customer service to request that all your chats be removed from their servers.

How to export your data before leaving Telegram

Telegram won’t allow you to temporarily close your Telegram account. Telegram cannot be undone after you have deleted Telegram. You can only log back in to restore your account or access your old messages.

Telegram has an export option for its desktop clients, in case you have any conversations that you would like to save for later reference.

Install the Telegram app to your computer and sign in. To open the navigation menu, click the three bars at the top-right. Select Settings. Scroll down until the Export Telegram Data option is found.

You can then choose the data type you want to export. You can choose which chats you want to extract, exclude public channels, what format the archive should be in, as well as whether it should contain videos or GIFs. You can even download the stickers that you have sent to Telegram in the past.

Telegram will extract your data in just a few minutes if you click Export. To view the file, tap Show my Data

Is it Time to Delete Telegram

Telegram is an excellent messaging platform, which can be used across many platforms. These methods can be used to delete your Telegram account, and keep your chat data on your computer locally if Telegram is not your preferred messaging platform.

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