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How to create AI art with the Wombo Dream mobile app

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Artificial intelligence continues to expand its capabilities, which includes art. An app that uses AI technology to create digital images will be introduced to you.

Dream by Wombo is both available online and on mobile. However, the latter has more to offer. In just a few easy steps, you will learn how to use the AI artwork mobile app and what it can offer.

Dream by Wombo: Why?

This app can be used to decorate books, websites, walls or custom music without the need for a graphic designer or illustrator. It’s quick and simple.

Dream from Wombo can quickly create stunning images on your computer or phone using a simple prompt.

It is easy to use, has a Mint and NFT option, and allows you to download or purchase a print of your AI artwork. However, the mobile app offers more tools.

1. Register for an account or get started without one

Dream by Wombo doesn’t require you to register. Just tap the Start button to launch the app and go straight to the AI artwork creator. After that, you can use almost all of the options.

The advantage of creating an account? You get access to a gallery that allows you to save your favorite creations. A Wombo account can also provide direct links to social networks such as Discord. To start a new artistic project, sign in to the app.

2. Select a prompt and art style

The next step offers a variety of options. You can either type in a prompt or choose one from the app’s suggestions. Use a few words to express a specific request. Although the AI will try to interpret your requests, it might not always succeed. You can continue trying different combinations until you find the right combination.

You can also choose No style to let Dream by Wombo create your artistic vision. Tap the icon to activate the style. You will also see the Create icon. Click it, and the AI will begin creating your artwork.

3. Name and inspect Your AI Art

Although almost every piece Dream by Wombo makes is beautiful, it may not always live up to your expectations. This is because you’re dealing with a machine that’s trying to represent the concept in your head with only a few instructions–another reason why AI can never replace humans.

You can expect every outcome to be abstract and you are free to start over with the same prompts and the same art style. Sometimes you might be lucky enough to get exactly what you want or even something better.

You can also give your artwork a title and toggle whether the original prompt should be visible.

4. You can save, share, or buy your AI artwork

There are many options available once the image has been saved. You can save the image by clicking the Download button and saving the JPG file to your device. It can be set as your background.

Alternatively, tap Publish to add the new creation into your gallery. You can also connect with Wombo via Discord, Twitter and Instagram.

You can share your AI art with others by clicking the Share link on the final creation page. You can click it to choose where you want it sent or posted.

You can also purchase a printed copy of your artwork by clicking the Buy button. Prices per unit vary depending on the size and print style.

You can create your own canvas or poster for a fraction of the cost. You can download the image and frame it however you like.

AI will do the creative work for you

Dream by Wombo, despite the fact that you may not get exactly what you want, is an excellent AI app for creating eye-catching and quick artwork. You now know what you can look forward to. Let’s see what it can do for you.

You can find a variety of tools on different platforms that use AI technology to aid in creative projects. Artificial intelligence can be used for writing, singing and photography as well as other art forms.

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