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How to create a TikTok account for business?

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There are 1 billion monthly active users of TikTok. It’s the place to be and see, which means there are lots of opportunities for businesses to interact with consumers in novel ways. And with the introduction of TikTok Shopping, the business potential in this area is only increasing.

Use hot subjects and hashtag challenges, try out TikTok live streams, or experiment with editing tools and popular sounds to produce high-energy short-form videos that showcase your company. Take the lead from the major companies who are already using TikTok’s potential.

However, it can seem daunting, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the platform. So think of this as your one-stop shop for everything you require to launch your TikTok Business Account.

How to use TikTok for business?

Get a TikTok Business Account

To convert your personal TikTok account to a business account, simply move on to step 4 if you already have one.

  • Install and launch the TikTok app.
  • Make a fresh account for yourself. You can sign in using your email, Google, Twitter, or Facebook account, as well as your email.
  • Then select Edit Profile by tapping Me in the lower right corner. A profile photo, bio, and links to other social media sites can all be included here.
  • Tap the three dots in the top right corner, then select Manage Account to change to a Business Account.
  • Select Business or Creator by tapping Switch To Pro Account.
  • Select the category that best fits your brand now, then tap Next.
  • Include your website and email in your profile.

Congrats on your new TikTok Business Account!

Understand the TikTok algorithm

Although the TikTok algorithm is continually changing, you have to start somewhere. Learn how TikTok ranks and distributes videos as well as the characteristics of trending videos.

Identify your target audience

Know your audience before you start producing your first video. While Gen Z and teenagers are the app’s biggest fans, TikTok has won over users from all walks of life.

Post consistently

If you’re using a TikTok business account, it means you have an audience you want to reach and you need to create good content for them. Therefore, you should spend more time on TikTok videos. If you schedule every video you make, it will cost you more. Because you can save your time and make more videos so that your TikTok engagement increases.

For this, you can make a TikTok video scheduler. We can recommend Planly as the best social media scheduling tool. With Planly, you can schedule your TikTok videos. For this, you just register for free from Planly and schedule your TikTok videos at the time and date you want.

Set goals and objectives

After gathering all this information, it’s time to make some plans. What you want to accomplish on TikTok should be stated in your approach.

Your company’s goals are an excellent place to start; how can TikTok help you achieve them? To make sure your goals are precise, measurable, attainable, pertinent, and timely, try using the SMART framework.

Be particular about your profile photo

Make sure your profile picture is attractive and accurately portrays your brand. The ideal connection between your TikTok account and your other digital platforms would be visual, with the use of a similar logo or color scheme to indicate that these are all part of the same family as your website, Instagram, and Facebook.

Keep your bio short 

Your TikTok bio needs to get right to the point and contain a CTA because you only have 80 characters to deal with. If an emoji fits your brand voice, use it to add personality and reduce the number of characters. Win-win.

Make sure your video looks good

The more pleasurable it is to view your content, regardless of how obvious it may appear, the higher your sound and video quality will be. You are not required to purchase expensive equipment, but you should take care to record in areas with good lighting and clear audio. If having clean audio is not possible, replace the original sound in your video with a popular track.


Do you still have second thoughts about opening a TikTok Business account? In other words, there is no substitute for the TikTok Business Account if your objective is to establish a brand identity and reach a larger audience. You will be able to determine what works for you using all the facts and statistics.

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