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How to Control Your TV with Alexa

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If you are the type of person who loses the remote all the time, Alexa can turn on your TV and find something to view, adjust the volume, and much more. You only need an Alexa device and either a smart TV, streaming device or smart TV to control your TV. This video will show you how to connect Alexa with your TV.

These steps are only compatible with certain smart TVs, streaming devices and cable subscriptions.

How to connect Alexa to Your TV

Open the Alexa app, then go to Settings > TV and Video. Next, choose the content provider you want to use and then tap Link or Enable. Follow the instructions on-screen to connect your TV to Alexa.

  1. The Alexa app is available. You can download the Alexa app from the website if you don’t have it. Apple App Store Or Google Play Store.
    Notification: To control your TV using Alexa, you will need your smartphone to connect to the same WiFi network that the TV, streaming device, or any other service you wish to control.
  2. Next, tap More. This will appear in the bottom-right corner.
  3. Next tap Settings.
  4. Tap TV & video, then scroll down to.
  5. Next, choose your content provider. If you have a Roku TV Stick streaming device, choose Roku. Select Fire TV Stick streaming devices: To find the best streaming device that will work with Alexa, if you don’t see the content or provider of your content, visit our list.
  6. Next, tap the link or enable. This will vary depending on the content provider or service provider.
    You might need to log in depending on the TV you have or the service provider you use to connect to it. To connect to Roku TVs or streaming devices, for example, you’ll need to log in to your Roku account. To connect to Dish TV you’ll need to go to your TV’s settings, and then enter the code displayed on your screen.
  7. Next, select the TV you wish to connect Alexa to and tap Continue
  8. Next, choose the Alexa devices that you wish to control your TV. Tap Link Devices.
  9. Next, select Return to… This will bring up a screen that contains a few Alexa commands you can use for controlling your TV.

Common Alexa Commands for Controlling Your TV

After you’ve connected your TV and Alexa devices to it, voice commands can be used to control the TV’s volume, turn on or off the TV, change the brightness, play or pause a video, and many other functions. You just need to say “Alexa”, followed by the command and finally the name of your TV service provider.

  • “Alexa turn on [TV Name]” “Alexa turn off [TV Name]” These commands can turn on or turn off your TV.
  • “Alexa! Go home on [TV Name]” This will take you directly to your home screen on your TV or other device.
  • “Alexa lower the volume on [TV Name]” This command lowers your TV’s volume.
  • “Alexa, mute/unmute [TV name].” Mutes/unmutes your television.
  • “Alexa, play/pause/resume/stop [TV name].” Control the playback of your device.
  • “Alexa! “This opens streaming devices to which you are subscribed, such as Hulu TV, Netflix, etc.
  • “Alexa fast forward/rewind [TV number]”Fast forward/rewind the video you are watching.
  • “Alexa, find comedies/dramas/horror movies on [TV name].” This will allow you to find movies by genre.
  • “Alexa play ‘Tropic thunder’/’Man in the High Castle’ on [TV name].” This will instantly start playing a movie. You might need to use a remote control to log in to your streaming service to play certain videos.
  • “Alexa! If your TV is connected to the Xbox, switch the input to HDMI1.

These are just a handful of commands your Alexa can perform. You don’t want Alexa interrupting you movie. Check out our step-by-step guide on making Alexa whisper.

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