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How to Connect Your AirPods to an Apple TV

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Pair your AirPods and an Apple TV to watch movies at home. This article will also show you how to adjust the settings of your headphones to achieve the best listening experience.

Which AirPods are compatible with an Apple TV?

AirPods Max and Pro wireless headphones are compatible with Apple TVs. This allows movies to sound like they’re coming from anywhere.

Manually connecting your AirPods with an Apple TV

Pair your AirPods and your Apple TV using the following Settings: Remote & Devices > Bluetooth.

  1. Put your AirPods into their cases, and then close the lid. Keep them close to your Apple TV.
  2. Next press and hold the Setup button at the back of the AirPods case.
  3. Hold the button down until the LED light blinks white.
  4. Go to Settings on Apple TV. This is the app with a gear icon.
  5. Choose Remote and Devices.
  6. Next, choose Bluetooth.
  7. Choose your AirPods from the list. Connect your AirPods again to the Internet.

Connect your AirPods to Apple TV

Pair your AirPods and an Apple TV with a quick press of the Home button. Scroll to the bottom to choose your AirPods.

You have two options: share your Apple TV audio with another pair of headphones or scroll down to connect other speakers.

How do you change the AirPods settings?

After your AirPods have been connected, you can change their settings through an Apple TV. To do this, hold down the home button on your remote and then click on the AirPods icon in the lower-right corner.

You have the option to toggle between Active Noise Cancellation mode which blocks outside noise, and Transparency mode which lets you hear more of what’s around you.

Disconnect your Apple TV and AirPods

You can go to Settings > Remote and Devices > Bluetooth to select your AirPods.

You have the option to rename your AirPods so that they are easier to find when you connect.

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