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How to Connect and Sync an Xbox One Controller

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Although wireless controllers can be convenient, connecting them can be confusing. S controller to your Xbox console, we’ll explain what you need to know.

It doesn’t matter if you have a new controller or if you brought it over to share it with a friend’s Xbox One controller, pairing your Xbox One controller is easy.

We will show you how to pair an Xbox controller with any Xbox console. This includes the Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

How to wirelessly sync an Xbox One controller to your console

Wireless pairing is the best way to connect your Xbox controller and your Xbox. Here are the steps to wirelessly connect your Xbox controller with your system.

  1. S you want to sync with by pressing the Xbox button on the front of the system.
  2. Next, hold the Xbox button for a while to turn on your controller. When the Xbox button flashes, it will indicate that it is looking for a console.
  3. Press release Pair Click the button on your console.
    • The Pair button on the Xbox Series X or S is a small circle located next to the USB port at the front of both the Xbox Series X/S.
    • The small circular pair button is located at the bottom-right corner of the Xbox One X or Xbox One S. It’s under the power button.
    • The Pair button for the original Xbox One console is located on the left side, just around the corner of the disc slot.
  4. After pressing the pair button, hold down the small circular pair button at the top of your Xbox controller. After flashing a few times on your controller, the Xbox button should stay connected once it is fully charged.

After pairing your Xbox One controller, you can navigate the home screen and play video games.

How to pair your Xbox One Controller using a cable

You can also use a micro USB cable to connect your Xbox One controller and your Xbox console. S controller, you’ll need to use a USB-C cable instead.

Connect the cable to the Xbox’s USB port, and then connect the other end of the cable to the controller. To sync them, simply connect the cables by pressing and holding the Xbox buttons on your controller. After the sync completes, you can unplug the cable and use the controller wirelessly.

How to sync an Xbox controller to your PC

This guide will show you how to connect your Xbox Controller to a Windows PC. S controller with your favorite PC games.

S Controllers on Xbox One?

S is near-identical to the Xbox One controller. These controllers are compatible with both forward and backward.

S controllers on your Xbox One system. This allows you to play multiplayer games on both consoles, even if there are only a few controllers.

S. Although the Xbox One controller does not have the Share button, it isn’t essential for gaming. Other improvements include improved grip textures and a better D-pad.

You can’t connect your Xbox One Controller

In most cases, the above steps will sync your Xbox controller with the console. If pairing fails, these are some troubleshooting tips.

  • Replace the batteries in your controller. Make sure that your controller is fully charged if you are using the Xbox One Play and Charge Kit and Xbox Rechargeable Battery attachment. Verify that the cable used to charge and connect the controller is working properly.
  • When you are syncing the controller, keep it close to your console. You can expect a wireless connection between the controller and your console to be about 20-30 feet long. If you move further, it could disconnect.
  • To reduce interference, turn off all other wireless devices (like laptops or microwaves) within range of the Xbox and controller.
  • Hold the Xbox button at the console’s front for approximately 10 seconds to fully restart it. After disconnecting the power cable from your console for 30 seconds, reconnect it and then turn on your system.
  • You can only connect eight controllers to the system simultaneously. You can only have eight controllers connected at once if you are able to disconnect one after the other.
  • S controller has a handy feature that lets you switch between using your controller with your Xbox and a connected Bluetooth device. To switch between a Bluetooth connection (such as a smartphone) and your Xbox, press the Bluetooth0_ button twice. To put your controller back into pairing mode, hold Pair.

Keep in mind, however, that your controller will attempt to pair to the last system it was paired to when you press the Xbox key on the controller. Your controller could be connecting to multiple Xbox consoles as soon as it turns on. This can prevent you connecting to the other system.

S systems in your vicinity to avoid this overlap. If you are trying to connect your Xbox One controller to a computer from a nearby console that is already paired, or vice versa, this will also apply.

To resolve your problem, you can take a look to troubleshoot assistance for your Xbox One controller.

Are you still having trouble? The trouble with your Xbox Controller?

S controller, with any model of Xbox console. You won’t have any problems, but if it isn’t working, there may be a physical problem with your controller.

If possible, you can try the controller on a friend’s Xbox. If this doesn’t work, contact Xbox Support for a replacement or repair.

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