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How to Connect Alexa to Bluetooth Speakers

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No matter what Amazon Echo model you own, you won’t likely be able hear it in another place. Here’s how you can connect Alexa with Bluetooth speakers and Bluetooth headphones so that your music doesn’t limit to one area.

Make sure you do these things before you attach your Echo device to Bluetooth speakers.

  • Place your Echo and Bluetooth speakers at least three feet apart
  • For pairing mode, don’t forget the Bluetooth speakers.
  • You need to disconnect the Bluetooth device that you wish Alexa to pair with. It is possible that your device won’t recognize another device connected to it.

How to connect Alexa to Bluetooth

These are the steps to connect Alexa with your Bluetooth speakers after following the above steps.

  1. Open the Alexa app, and then go to Devices. The icon that looks like a house in the lower right corner of the screen is
  2. Select the Echo you wish to pair from the Devices menu.
  3. Tap Bluetooth Devices to open the next menu.
  4. Select Pair a New Device. The Bluetooth menu will display a list of devices you can pair. You will then be shown options of compatible devices.

    This Bluetooth speaker is model CK 207. You can find this number by looking at the bottom.
  5. Choose your Bluetooth speakers. You can now hear Alexa and listen to music through the Echo Dot, but it’s blasted through your Bluetooth speaker.

If Alexa doesn’t connect to your Bluetooth speakers the next time you turn it on, just say “connect my speaker” and Alexa will pair with your last connected device.

Can I Use Alexa as a Bluetooth Speaker?

Amazon Echo devices, by their very nature, are speakers that allow you to interact with Alexa. You can also connect certain models with Bluetooth speakers to make them more powerful, as we’ve already mentioned.

If you’re wondering if Alexa can be used as a Bluetooth speaker by itself, the answer is “Yes”. Here are some ways Alexa can be used as a Bluetooth speaker.

  1. Bluetooth must be turned on in your computer or mobile device.
  2. Tell Alexa to turn on Bluetooth. This command turns on the pairing mode.
  3. Go to Settings on your smartphone or computer and launch Bluetooth. Select the device that you see Alexa using under the pair-able options. Alexa will inform you if the pairing went well.

After your Alexa has been successfully paired to your phone or computer via Bluetooth, it is possible to use the Alexa as a wireless speaker.

Are you unhappy with the way Alexa speaks to you? Click this link to find the steps you can take to alter Alexa’s voice.

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