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How to Change Your Email Address on Facebook

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This article will teach you how to update your primary address using the Facebook mobile app or website. It also explains how to delete an existing email address. Facebook profile.

Changing your Facebook email on any computer

You can modify the email addresses associated with your Facebook account using any computer that is a Mac, Windows, or Linux.

Change your primary email address on Facebook

  1. Log in to Facebook and choose the down arrow at the upper-right corner.
  2. Drop-down menus are available for Settings and Privacy.
  3. Choose Settings from the drop-down menu.
  4. Next to Contact, select Edit.
  5. In the Contact section, click Add another mobile number.
  6. Enter your new email address in the Enter New Email box and select Add.
  7. In the pop-up box, select Close.
  8. Facebook will send you an email confirmation message after you have added your email address to Facebook. Click the link in your email to confirm that you want to add this email address to your Facebook account.
  9. Once you have confirmed your email address, you will be redirected to the Facebook contact section. Here you can see that your new address is now your primary Facebook address.
  10. Optional: To delete an old email address or any other email address, select Edit next the Contact tab and then choose to Remove below the address that you wish to remove.

How to change your Facebook email address using the Facebook App

Using the Facebook mobile app, you can change your Facebook email address

  1. Using an Android or iOS device, open the Facebook app.
  2. Choose the three-line menu icon.
  3. Tap Privacy> Setting.
  4. Select Personal Information > Account Info > Email Address
  5. Enter your email address into the Add another email address box, then enter your Facebook password to select Edit email.
  6. Select Enter confirmation. At the email address that you have entered, you will receive a code.
  7. Enter the code into the Enter confirmation field, and then select Confirm.
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