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How to Change Your Background Image on a Mac

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Each Mac computer comes pre-installed in a background image. Did you know that you can alter your background image? Apple offers many background options. You can also upload your own images. How to change your Mac’s background and set your own background images. Also, how to rotate your background images.

How to change the desktop background on a Mac

Open the Apple menu, select System Preferences and change your desktop background. Next, click Desktop and Screen Saver Desktop Pictures to select the desktop background you wish to use.

  1. Open Apple Menu. Click on the Apple icon at the top-left corner.
  2. Next, select System Preferences.
  3. Next, click Desktop & Screen Saver.
  4. Next, click on the Desktop tab. This will appear at the top.
  5. Next, select Desktop Images. This will open the Apple menu on the left sidebar.
  6. Next, choose the desktop background image that you wish to use. The background images are located on the right side.

    You can also choose colors to make your desktop background a solid color. You can also set a dynamic background that can change from daylight to nightlight if you’re running macOS Mojave.
  7. To make your background a different image, click on the + button in the lower-left corner.
  8. Select the folder containing your image and then click Choose.
  9. Then select your image.
    Not a good idea. The background image should not be placed in your Downloads folder, or on your Desktop.
  10. To rotate desktop images, click the box next to Change image. You must have at least one image in the folder that you choose to rotate background images.
  11. Next, choose how often your desktop background will rotate. Also, check the box next Random order.

How to change the background of your desktop using the Photos App

Right-click or Ctrl+click the image that you wish to change as your Mac’s desktop background. Click Set Desktop Image.

  1. Open Photos App.
  2. Next, click or hold the Ctrl-key on the image that you wish to use as your background.
  3. Next, choose Share.
  4. Click Next, click Desktop Picture.

How to change your desktop background from Finder

You can change your Mac’s desktop background image by clicking the right-click or the Ctrl+click on the image, and then click Set Desktop Image.

  1. Use a Finder to find the image you are looking for.
  2. Next, click or press Ctrl-click the image.
  3. Next, click Create Desktop Picture.


You now know how to change your Mac’s desktop background. Check out this guide to how to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac.


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