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How to Change the Office Status in Microsoft Teams

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Do you plan to take a long vacation from work? Are you worried about leaving your clients and colleagues behind? Perhaps you are only going to be gone for a brief time but worry about your coworkers thinking you have abandoned them. This is not a problem if Microsoft Teams is your main communication channel.

Microsoft Teams lets you set an “Out of Office” status. This allows others to know that you are not available for communication and informs them of the fact. This status can be set in a variety of ways on Microsoft Teams.


Microsoft Teams: Get Out of Office Status

Set up an “Out of Office”status on your Microsoft Teams account to indicate that you aren’t available for work or on vacation. When a teammate sends you an email, you will automatically reply to let them know you’re unavailable.

You can change this status in Microsoft Teams by setting the settings and your profile picture. This is how you do it:

Note – This works with both Windows and macOS because the Microsoft Teams app shares the same user interface.

Through Your Microsoft Teams Profil

  1. Microsoft Teams can be opened on your computer.
  2. You can edit your status if you are a member or a team member. You can skip this step if you are not a member of multiple teams.
  3. Next, click the profile photo located at the top-right corner of your screen.
  4. Click Set status message .
  5. At the bottom, click the Schedule an appointment button. This will open another window.
  6. In the Out of Office window, Automatic replies are enabled.
  7. Type your message from outside the office in the box below. The message you type here will be sent directly to your contacts in Teams and to your profile. This will also be sent to Outlook as an automated reply. Be specific up until you get back from work. You can also write here when you return to work.
  8. After you’ve added the out-of-office note, you can enable automatic replies for people outside your company. You should enable this option if you have to deal with clients and people from outside your company.
  9. Just click the box below. You can send me replies outside of my organization . You can only send out-of-office notices to the people listed on your contact list. Only your contacts . Choose if you would prefer to send it all. All external senders .
  10. Next, you will need to set the message for your external colleagues. The dialogue box will allow you to type your reply, or you can simply copy and paste what you wrote in your Teams’ status.
  11. You must also schedule when your Team’s account will send automated replies. To enable it, simply click the box alongside Send replies only for a specified time period.
  12. Finally, click Save .

Through Microsoft Teams Settings

  1. Open the Microsoft Teams app from your computer.
  2. Click the three dot menu to the right of your profile picture.
  3. Select from the available options Settings .
  4. Click on the right-side navigation General . Scroll down to see the General page, and then click Schedule . This will open Out of Office.
  5. Follow the steps 6-12 of this instruction to establish your Out of Office status.

How to Change the Office Status in Microsoft Teams Mobile App

The Microsoft Teams mobile app doesn’t allow you to set up an out-of-office automated reply. However, you can change your status in the app and clear it after certain periods. This works well if your account is not accessible for more than a few hours or you are busy with meetings.

Here’s how to change your status

Notice: The same UI applies to all mobile OSes.

  1. Open the Microsoft Teams App on your Android and iOS phones.
  2. Tap on your profile picture at the top right of the screen. Next, press Change status message.
  3. You can add your status message to the provided text field. To display your status message whenever people mention or message you, enable the Show when people Message me option. Set a time limit on how long this status message will be displayed. Your status message will be deleted automatically after the set period.
  4. Finally, click Done. Now your contacts will be able to see your status messages whenever they message or message you on Teams.

How to modify the Office Status on Microsoft Outlook

The same setting is used to set up your out-of-office status in Microsoft Teams. Outlook can be used to modify your automatic reply. The changes will also be reflected on the Team’s account. Here are the steps to update your Outlook status.

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook from your computer.
  2. Next, click Save It is located at the top of the menu.
  3. Press the button. Automatic Replies button.
  4. You’ll be able to see exactly the message you have sent from your Teams account in this window.
  5. Finalize your out-of-office messages and click OK for your changes to be saved. These changes will be visible on the Team’s account.

How to Get Rid of Microsoft Teams Office Status

These steps will allow you to restore your normal status and deactivate your automatic responses.

  1. You can access your Out of Office settings by pressing the profile photo. Then, Set status message > Schedule Out of Office.
  2. After that, disable the toggle next to the Automatic replies option. Then, press save.

Microsoft Teams: Vacations without Worries

The Microsoft Teams Out of Office setting allows you to take a vacation from work. The automatic reply option means that clients and teammates won’t have to wonder why you don’t respond to their messages. This allows you to relax, forget about your work, and get away for a much-deserved vacation.

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