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How to Change the Input on a Samsung TV

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Do you know how certain things seem small until you realize that they aren’t big deals? You can set the timer for your washing machine or download your Fit-Bit heart-rate data. Your Samsung TV is another example of a simple but difficult problem. Although changing the input should be easy, it can sometimes be difficult. There aren’t many online articles that address the problem. This is the solution to your problems.

Why are there so few articles online about this subject?

It’s not something that people write about, the Samsung TV input/source issue. Most people will find solutions to problems wherever they can and then forget about them.

Have you ever played X-Com, a game where the installation is a major problem but no one online has a solution, not even the publishers? You will need to search the forums for the solution.

Similar problems are present with the Samsung TV. There are many solutions. Your best option is to search online forums and try different solutions, failing each time, until you find the right one. This article contains all known solutions, even those that relate to the 4K smart edition.

There is still hope that Samsung will either stick to the latest source/input method and not change it. Or that they’ll clarify the source/input solution in future TV operating manuals.

How to change the source for your Samsung TV

There are many inputs that you can use to your Samsung TV. These inputs are also called sources when you use the Samsung TV Menu. You may have more than one source or input. Many people have both a USB input and an HDMI port. You can also choose to have different audio and video inputs.

Let’s take, for example, that your PlayStation is plugged in to your HDMI and your external hard drive is plugged into the USB. You can have your PlayStation’s visuals piped into your USB, and your external hard drive pipe the audio in. This is not uncommon. This is why some console gamers prefer to listen to their podcasts on their TVs, rather than listening to the audio from their video games.

Method 1 – The Source Button

A few Samsung TVs include a “Source” button at the top right of the remote. This button may be the only way that a Samsung TV can change its source. Other cases may limit access to the source menu to the source button or plug in something into the TV, so the source menu will appear automatically.

Method 2: Plug something into your TV while it is on

This is a simple process that’s easy to understand. You plug your device into an input port while your TV is on. This will usually cause the input/source menus to appear automatically. In other cases will see the TV automatically switches to the source when you plug in something.

If your console is on and you plug it into your TV, your TV will likely switch to the console’s feed. If your console was already plugged into your TV and you turn it on, the TV will automatically switch to your console’s feed. Sometimes, you might turn off your console and then turn on the TV to see if your TV is already connected to your console’s feed.

Method 3 – Selectable Source via the Menu

You can select the source from the regular menu in many cases, especially for modern TVs. The menu can be opened using either your remote or a combination thereof. After the menu has been displayed, scroll down to the “Source” option. This option will display all sources/inputs available to your TV right now. It may also show you missing connections.

If you want, you can also label your inputs. This is another way to rename them. This is only useful if there are two of the same thing, like if you use the same gaming consoles for different reasons. Most cases have a menu that allows you to label/rename your inputs. With the Samsung Q7, for example, you need to choose the input and then press the up button.

Modify the input on your Samsung Q7 Qled 4k Smart TV

Grab your remote and press “Home” to start the process. This will open a menu bar, which usually runs along the screen’s bottom. Scroll left until you reach the word “Source” in the menu.

Click on “Source” to go to the input screen. You can then select your input. These sources can also be renamed if desired. Select the input icon, then press the up key to open the edit menu. While you can edit HDMI sources, you cannot rename apps.


Is Samsung going to finally establish a standard for their inputs/source issues? Will they find new ways to modify the input or keep on changing it? Although the final decision is theirs, it seems unfair that they keep making things more complicated for customers. This is a poor business strategy. Are you still having problems with your Samsung TV? Are you still having trouble with your Samsung TV’s input? Did these suggestions work for you? Please let us know what you think in the comments below.


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