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How To Change The Default Google Account

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You likely have multiple Google accounts. Each account allows you to use every Google service. What if you need to modify your default Google account? You can switch your default Google account to change your default Gmail. Let’s get started.

How to change the default Google account on Windows, Mac, and Chromebook

No matter if you’re a Mac, Chromebook, or Windows user, you’ll be pleased to find that all platforms work the same. Google can be accessed via any browser. Google always opens new windows using your default account. Google assigns the default login to the first login, so you must sign out from all accounts. Here are the steps to modify your default Google account. This will also change your default Gmail address on Windows and Mac computers.

  1. Open your browser, navigate to Google.com and click on the profile icon at the top-right.

  2. Select “Sign out from all accounts.”

  3. Your profile icon disappears. Click on “Sign In”, where your profile icon was displayed.

  4. Log into your chosen default Google account. You might see a list or need to create one by clicking.

Once you have completed the above steps, your default Google account will open in every new window. Additionally, opening Gmail should bring up default Gmail.

If you choose a different account within the same window, the first account that you selected will usually show up as Default in your list of accounts.

Click the appropriate profile to access Gmail. Then click “Gmail” to load the profile’s email account page. It will load Gmail if you are on the default Google account.

How to change the default Google account on mobile

It is difficult to manage your Google account via the mobile app. There are many options, so you may not be able to choose the default account. To change your default Google account, you should use the Google Chrome app. The same steps apply to Mac and Windows systems.

Follow these instructions to modify your default Google account, or Gmail via the Chrome Gmail page.

  1. Open Chrome, go to email.gmail.com, and then tap the horizontal ellipsis (“hamburger icon”) in the upper-left.

  2. To see your current default Gmail account, tap on the dropdown menu.

  3. Select “Manage Your Google Account.”

  4. Click on “Sign out,” then you can start over with the account that you wish to use as default.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you change your default Google account?

First, your device is likely to log you into a mail address you don’t use very often. This doesn’t matter how many times your Gmail account is switched. It can be quite a relief to make another account your default.

There is also the issue of multiple devices. Let’s say you have two computers: one at work and one at home. Your home Gmail is what you use, but you don’t want your workplace computer signing you in to your home Gmail. You might also need to access work Gmail via your personal computer, and vice versa. It is important to assign different Gmails to each device.

Can I change my default Google account without having to log out of all other accounts?

Sadly, you cannot change your default Google or Gmail account without signing off. Only the first profile that you log in to is the best way to choose the default Gmail address. You will need to log in to all other Google/Gmail accounts on your device.

How can you switch between Google accounts?

You can quickly switch between Gmail and Yahoo accounts.

  1. Click the profile icon.
  2. Click on the Google account that you wish to see, then go to Gmail to get it if you’re interested.

You can also select other Google services by using the app menu located to the left side of your profile icon. After you close the browser, Google Chrome (or any browser) will launch the default browser next time you open it.

How many Google Accounts am I allowed to have?

You can have as many Google or Gmail accounts as your heart desires. There is no limit at the moment. The more accounts you have, however, the more complex things become.

Email is no longer just used for correspondence. It can also be used to receive subscriptions, special offers, and sites that require an email. Separating emails can be beneficial by creating separate Google accounts. Using separate Google accounts, you can view specific account data (emails and subscriptions, settings, etc.). It’s as simple as clicking on a different profile.

Can I have multiple Gmail accounts using the same number?

Gmail accounts can be associated with phone numbers for security reasons. This includes non-Google and Google email addresses. Each Gmail account will have its own address but you can still associate them all with the same number.

Wrapping up

You have seen the steps to change your default Google Account. Now you need to know one thing about browsers. The process works across all browsers, provided you don’t change the browser settings. You can change any Gmail, Google account settings via Firefox, Safari, Opera, or any other browser on any device in the same manner as you would in Chrome.

You can change the default Gmail account for your devices easily. Are you looking for any advice, tips, or experiences in setting up a default Gmail email account? Please leave a comment below.

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