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How to Caps Lock on iPhone 11

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If you type a lot with capital letters, you might be used to pressing the Shift key after each letter you want to capitalize. This can be slow and it is easy to misspell letters.

You may be wondering if your iPhone 11 has a Caps Lock feature, similar to what you see on keyboards on your desktop or laptop computers. This feature is available, fortunately.

This article will demonstrate how to use Caps Lock on an iPhone 11. If you don’t know how to use Caps Lock on your iPhone 11, we will show you how to locate it.

  • Caps lock is activated when there’s a horizontal line below the shift key.
  • Caps lock will disappear if you change keyboard modes (e.g. to symbols or numbers)
  • Simply tap the shift key you used to disable caps lock on your iPhone.


How to use Caps Lock on iPhone 11

You can quickly enable caps to lock on your default iPhone 11 keyboard by using a simple trick that involves the Shift key.



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  1. Open an application that uses the keyboard.
  2. To enable caps lock, double-tap the Shift key.


Caps lock mode can be reverted to symbol or number entry by pressing the Shift key.

You can turn off the caps lock if you’re not able to use it. 

Apple devices using the iOS operating system have a simple layout that’s responsive and easy to use.

You may get frustrated when your iPhone keyboard is unable to handle multiple capital letters at once. The keyboard will then revert to lowercase letters for each letter you type.

There is an easy way to lock the iPhone 11’s caps, but it doesn’t require a dedicated caps lock key as you do on your laptop or desktop computer.

This guide will help you activate the caps lock on your iPhone. It also shows you where to find settings that allow you to decide if caps lock should be used.

Guide with Pictures: How to enable Caps Lock on an iPhone

This article was written on an iPhone 11 running iOS 13.4.1. If the default caps lock setting is not enabled on your iPhone, the steps below will allow you to type all capital letters.

Continue reading if you still have trouble typing in all uppercase letters after this section.

Step 1: Open an application that uses the iPhone keyboard.

I’m using the Messages app for a text message.

Step 2: Double-tap Shift to activate caps lock

The Shift key looks like an up-arrow.

When caps lock is activated, a horizontal line will appear below the Shift key. It is enabled in the image above.

We will check the settings of your iPhone’s keyboard and enable caps lock if double-tapping the Shift key doesn’t allow you to use the caps locking functionality.

How to enable Caps Lock on iPhone 11

You are most likely to have the ability to type all capital letters enabled. However, if this is not the case, you will need to go through another step. This will require you to adjust the keyboard settings.

Step 1: Open the Options app.

Step 2: Scroll down to select the General choice.

Step 3: Click the Keyboard icon.

Step 4: To turn on Caps Lock, tap the button to its right.

How to Get Rid of the Lowercase Keyboard on Your iPhone If you prefer that the iPhone keyboard display capital letters instead of switching between lowercase and uppercase letters depending on what you are typing,

Learn More about Caps Lock for iPhone

You will probably have noticed other settings in your Keyboard menu. These settings control how the keyboard behaves. Depending on which keyboard language you use or what iOS version you have, some of these options might be located in different locations on the menu. These settings include:

  • Auto-Correction – The phone will correct any errors it finds.
  • Smart Punctuation automatically converts certain punctuation marks into other ones
  • Character Preview A pop-up of the selected letter appears
  • Shortcut Double-tapping the spacebar adds a period and then a space.
  • Enable Speech to Text – This adds the microphone to your keyboard to allow you to speak to text.
  • Auto Capitalization – This will automatically capitalize the first letter following punctuation
  • Check Spelling Red underlines appear below-misspelled words
  • Predictive The iPhone will display a gray bar with words that are based on the information you have entered
  • Slide to Typ – Instead of tapping, you can slide your finger and type
  • Slide-to-Type by Word: Deletes the entire word. After using slide-to-type for an entire word, slide to the delete key.

Caps lock will only be enabled for the current message you are typing when you enable it. You will need to enable caps to lock again if you exit the app or start a new conversation.

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