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How To Cancel Your YouTube TV Subscription

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You can cancel your YouTube subscription at any point, regardless of whether you signed up for a free trial to view one show or have been using it for several months. You will need to have access to YouTube TV on a computer or your smartphone. Here are the steps to cancel your YouTube TV subscription

How to cancel your YouTube TV subscription on a computer

  1. Use a web browser to go to TV.Youtube.com.
  2. Then sign in. Click the Sign in button at the top-right corner. If you’re not already signed in, select your Google account to proceed.
  3. Next, click the profile icon. This icon will be located in the upper-right corner.
  4. Next, choose Settings. This will be at the top of your drop-down menu.
  5. Next, choose Membership. This will be visible at the top left sidebar.
  6. Click Cancel Membership. This will be displayed under the YouTube TV icon.
  7. Next, click Cancel membership. This option will be at the bottom of the pop-up window. You should not click Pause. Your account will not activate until eight weeks have passed, after which you will be charged.
  8. Enter a reason why you are cancelling. You don’t need to put any text in the field.
  9. Next, click Continue Cancelling. This will appear at the bottom of the pop-up window.
  10. Click To cancel your membership.

After clicking Cancel Membership you will be taken back to the page. You will see Start Membership if you have successfully cancelled your membership.

The email should confirm that YouTube TV has been cancelled.

Your subscription will be cancelled immediately if you cancel a free trial. You will no longer be able to access the streaming service. If you do not cancel a trial, you will still be able to access YouTube TV content until the start of your next billing period.

Check out our list of the best streaming services for live sports if you’re considering cancelling YouTube TV.

How to cancel your YouTube TV subscription on an iPhone

You can cancel YouTube subscriptions on iPhones by opening a web browser and going to TV.youtube.com. Click on your profile icon, then go to Settings Membership Cancel Membership, and confirm.

These steps are identical to the ones in the previous section. You can cancel YouTube subscriptions using the app if your Android phone is running Android. Here’s how:

How to cancel your YouTube TV subscription on an Android

Open the app and sign in to YouTube TV to cancel your subscription. Next, tap on your profile icon to go to Settings Cancel Member. Select a reason to leave and tap Continue Cancel Member.

  1. Download the YouTube TV App for Android.
  2. Then sign in. To sign in if this is your first use of the Android app, tap Already a member? Next, sign in using your Google username or password.
  3. Next, tap the profile icon. This icon will appear in the upper-right corner on your screen.
  4. Tap Settings.
  5. Next tap Membership.
  6. Next, select Cancel or Pause Membership. This will appear under the YouTube TV logo.
  7. Click Cancel at the bottom. Do not click on Pause Membership.
  8. Choose your reason for cancelling.
  9. Click Continue Cancelling. To continue, you don’t have to answer any text.
  10. Select Cancel Membership on the next screen.

What does it mean to pause your YouTube TV subscription?

You might be able to pause your YouTube TV subscription instead of cancelling it. You can then resume your subscription within the next eight weeks. After that, your account will be activated and you will be charged.

You won’t be charged any fees during the pause. You will still be able to access your library recordings, but the pause will apply to all accounts that are connected to your YouTube TV account. You can resume service at any time and full access will be restored.

Contacting Support Regarding YouTube TV Cancellation

Go to YouTube TV support by accessing your account via a computer, smartphone app or mobile browser. Select your profile icon at the top-right corner. Next, go to Help.

YouTube TV has a disadvantage: You can’t call their customer service number. You can chat with the support team by email, phone, or request a call.

Chat allows you to get an instant response. You can send an email to get a reply within 24 hours. You can also make a request to speak with a support representative.

You can cancel your YouTube TV subscription by contacting your bank to stop future payments. You can ensure that you do not get charged for any errors by doing this. You can dispute any charges if you are charged for YouTube TV subscriptions that you have not cancelled.

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