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How To Add Reaction Roles In Discord

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Discord has been used by gamers to connect since its release. Discord has more than 150 millions users around the world, so it’s not surprising that Discord is the most used chat app for gamers. Discord’s unique feature is the ability to react roles.

This tutorial will show you how to add reactions roles for users on Discord.

What are the Reaction Roles of Discord?

A Reaction Role allows users to click or tap a reaction and obtain or surrender a role. Reaction roles can be used for a variety of purposes. However, they also have the ability to change in color depending on who is sending them the message. A reaction role might turn green if the sender is a moderator, or purple if they are identified as male. You can even specify the permissions associated with each role.

Let’s dive in to see how we can add reactions roles on Discord. We’ll first show you how it can be done from a computer, then we’ll show you how it can be done on your mobile device.

How to add reaction roles to a discord server from a computer

The Carl Bot is one of the most effective tools to assist Discord administrators to add reactions. Once the bot has been set up on your server, members will be able to assign roles in just a few mouse clicks. This process involves five steps.

  1. Add Carl Bot to Your Server
  2. Set up new roles in server settings.
  3. Select the channel and make the reactions roles.
  4. Add a title, description, and colors.
  5. Each role can be given a name and an emoji.

Let’s now take each step one at a time.

Step 1: Add Carl bot to your server

Carl Bot allows you to add up to 250 roles on your server. You can also create multiple roles for users if desired, making it the top choice for Discord fans.

Here’s how you can add the bot on your server

  1. Use your browser to visit the Carl Bot official website.
  2. After the page has opened, click on Invite at the top of your navigation bar.
  3. Next, select the server where you want the bot to operate.
  4. The bot will then ask you for permission to access the server. Click on Authorize.
  5. To prove you are not a robot, complete the random CAPTCHA.

These steps will allow you to find Carl Bot on the server.

Step 2: In the Server Settings, create new roles

After you have confirmed that Carl Bot has been installed on your server, it is time to create new roles. Here are the steps:

  1. Open the settings section of your server. To do so:
    • Open your Discord server.
    • Select your server by clicking the arrow next to it.
    • Click on Server Options.
  2. From the sidebar, select Roles.
  3. To create a new role, click on +
  4. Name your new job, for example, “Blue.”
  5. This is where you will need to make sure that role members are displayed on the server separately from online users. To do this, open Roles and toggle the box beside it.
  6. Make sure “Carl Bot”, is the first position on the list. Drag it to the right if it isn’t.
  7. To create your new role, click Save All Changes.

Follow the above steps to create additional roles. To make it easy to distinguish between them, give each one a unique name.

Step 3: Select the channel and make the reaction roles

Once you have created the desired number of roles successfully, the next step is to use Carl Bot to create reactions roles. This will allow members to assign the roles they want. Here are the steps:

  1. Type into any channel and hit . Carl Bot can join any channel after it is invited to your server.
  2. You should now see a prompt from Carl Bot asking for your channel to host your reactions roles. Just type the channel name, then hit Enter.

Step 4: Add a Title, Description, and Colors

Once you have selected the channel that will accommodate your reactions, it is time to create a title or description. To do so,

  1. Type “roles | roles“.
  2. Enter by pressing

Carl Bot will automatically prompt you to enter the color hex code of your message. This website will provide the hex code to any color. You can choose to not have your reaction roles display distinct colors by entering “none” into the hex box.

Step 5: Add emojis and names to each role

Now all you need to do is add a name to each reaction role. The emoji that you have chosen to assign a role to users will be used by them. These are the exact steps:

  1. After entering the desired emoji, hit the spacebar on your keyboard and then press the Enter key.
  2. Enter the name of your role, the exact name that you added in step 2, “Blue” in this case, and hit .
  3. To complete the process, type “Done

Et voila! With the help of Carl Bot, you’ve just added reactions roles. Carl Bot will ask users to select a role when they join the channel.

The Carl Bot automates many functions that would otherwise be tedious or time-consuming. The bot comes pre-made with commands, so you can modify it to your liking or just use the default functionality. It is very useful in organizing a room by automating tasks such as counting users, removing spam mails, and starting games.

How to add reaction roles to a discord server from an iPhone or Android

Reaction roles can be added to Discord servers from an Android or iOS phone. You will need Mee6 Bot in this instance. This bot functions in the same way as Carl Bot, but it doesn’t require you take as many steps. This makes it an ideal fit for mobile devices.

Here’s how you can add reaction roles to Discord servers using Mee6 from your mobile.

  1. Use your browser to visit the Mee6 official website. Sign in to your discord account to be prompted.
  2. Next, enable Mee6 Bot access to your account.
  3. Choose the Discord server that interests you.
  4. To accept the plugin, tap Plugins.
  5. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete all details. This includes the channel that you will be reacting to, a brief message that will help users choose roles and an image to go with them.
  6. Tap Save.
  7. Last but not least, make sure you update the Discord permissions to allow everyone Read Messages as well as Add Reactions.

Stay organized

Reaction roles are a great way to make Discord more interactive and fun. You can assign roles to users and keep your channel organized. Reaction roles can be used to engage users and automate tasks that would otherwise take longer.

What are your favourite emojis to use in Discord’s reaction roles? Please leave your comments below.

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