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How To Add Music To Instagram Stories And Posts

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Instagram Stories offers one of the most popular features, which allows you to add music to your stories. Instagram has a large music library and the ability to import music from other music streaming services like Spotify.

Instagram is adding new songs to its music library every single day. This article will explain how to add music to Instagram. This article will address common misconceptions and questions about Instagram music.

How to add music to an Instagram story

You can add music to Instagram regardless of whether you use an Android or an iPhone. Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to your Instagram story by opening it. You can do this by moving your finger to the right, or tapping your profile picture at the upper-left corner.
  2. Continue to Add a story It doesn’t matter if it’s a picture or a video.
  3. Tap the sticker at the top of the screen.
  4. Go to the “Music” sticker.
  5. Notice: To go directly to the music sticker, you can use the search bar at the top.
  6. Instagram will suggest songs to you, and you have the option of selecting from different categories. Find the song you wish to add and tap it.
  7. Drag the slider bar to choose which song part will play (it can only play for 15 seconds).
  8. To change the album icon, or to add lyrics, tap the thumbnail
  9. To finish editing stickers, tap “Done.”
  10. Tap for the icon/lyrics to be moved anywhere on the screen.
  11. To post it to Instagram, tap “Your Story” in the bottom left corner.

Your chosen song will play automatically when your Story is opened by your followers. To see the song playing, tap the title below your name. The song will then pop up in a new tab.

How to add music to an Instagram reel

Instagram introduced the Reels feature in August 2020. Reels, a brand new feature on Instagram, is one of the most popular ways to upload content, including music. These are the steps to add music to reels:

  1. Tap the “+” sign at the top of the Instagram homepage. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select “Reels”.
  2. Tap the Music icon at the top of the list.
  3. Choose which track you’d like to add to your Reel.

  4. Slider At the bottom of your screen, select the section of the song you want to use in the Reel.

Don’t fret if you forgot to add music before recording your reel. Instagram allows you to add music to your Reel before or after it is recorded.

How to add music to an Instagram post: Third-party apps

It is important to note that Instagram does not allow you to upload music directly to your Instagram photos. Only your Instagram Stories and reels can have music. You can’t add music to your Story videos and have them downloaded.

You will need to edit your video before you can attach a song and post it to Instagram. You can add music to your videos with a variety of free programs and video editing software. After you are done, you can upload your video to Instagram. InShot is one of the best free video editing tools. There are numerous features and it’s easy to use. These steps will help you add music to your Instagram videos before they go live.

  1. Tap on the button in the app. Choose the video you wish to edit from your library.
  2. Tap the “Music” button at the bottom left. Select Tracks.
  3. Choose your track. Select from featured music or import your music files. You can even extract audio from another video.

  4. Tap the bar at the bottom with the title of your track to edit the audio’s timing, fade, and other settings.

  5. Once you are done, tap the checkmark. Next, tap the “Export” button at the top of the screen. Next, select your resolution and framerate. Finally, tap “Save.”

Spotify – Add Music to Your Instagram Story

You can also add music to your Story from Spotify. This includes a song, an entire album, or a playlist. This method works for both Android and iPhone devices. This is how it works:

  1. Open your “Spotify” app.
  2. Choose the song or album you wish to add to Instagram.
  3. Tap the “three dots ” at the right side.

  4. Scroll down and tap ‘Share.

  5. Tap “Instagram Story.”

The song will be preloaded in your Story, and you have the option to make any adjustments. Once you are satisfied with the video, upload it to your Story. Your Spotify followers will be able open the song in Spotify if they have an account.

How to add music to an Instagram post the “Old Way?”

The ‘old way’ to add songs to an Instagram story is the way people used to add music before Instagram introduced it. This is how it works:

  1. Play the song you wish to post. You can choose any song from your phone’s music library or from a music streaming service.

  2. Open Instagram and upload your story as the song is still playing.

  3. Film your story by pressing the record.

  4. Make any adjustments to your story. Tap “Your Story” in the lower-left corner to post it.

You can hear the song playing in the background when you play your Story. This method doesn’t have a time limit of 15 seconds. You can record as many stories you like.

Additional FAQs

We didn’t cover all your questions regarding Instagram music, so keep reading!

How do you open Spotify songs from Stories?

You have the option to open a Spotify song you’ve shared from Instagram. Your followers can also use this option to access the song you have just shared.

You can open Spotify via Instagram by following these steps:

  1. Open your story.
  2. Below your name, tap on the “Play on Spotify” option.

  3. Tap “Open Spotify”.

You will see the song immediately on Spotify. To make this work, you must be logged in to your account.

Notification: Instagram users who don’t have a Spotify account will not be able to use this feature.

Which Music Types Are Available?

The Instagram music library has millions of songs. The Music sticker can be tapped to search for a song or it can be found in the “For you” section. You can also visit the “Browse” section to see different categories.

* Genres: Rap, Hip Hop and Soul, R&B, Soul, Pop, Latin, and Others.

* Moods – Bright, Dreamy, Groovy, Peaceful, etc.

* Themes: Love, Family, Arabic Party, Morning, Love, and Movie Soundtracks, etc.


Instagram music can sometimes be problematic for some users. You might have certain songs that are not available or your music feature may not work. These are just a few of the things you should keep in mind.

* Are you using the latest version of Instagram? If you don’t, make sure you update Instagram.

* Do you have a Business account Instagram has some restrictions on Business accounts. You can change to a regular account if that is the case.

* It’s possible that you live in a country without Instagram music. There is nothing you can do. There is however a possibility that Instagram music may be available in your area in the near future.

Add your favorite tunes to your Instagram Story

You now know how to add music to your Instagram stories and photos. The possibilities are endless when you think about all the music apps that you can use to add your favorite songs.

Did you add a song to Instagram? Have you tried any of these methods? Leave a comment below.

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