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How to Access Your 2021 PlayStation Wrap-Up Report

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Now, wrap-ups of your entire year are becoming a popular trend, whether you use social media or music apps or gaming platforms. PlayStation has a wrap-up for you.

This summary includes information such as a list of the hours you have played, on what console, and on what games.

How to Access PlayStation 2021 Wrap-Up

To access your gaming summary visit the page . You will need to enter your PlayStation credentials in order to sign into the site. Once you are signed in, the website displays your 2021 wrap-up.

This wrap up will display the total time you’ve spent playing PlayStation in 2021. The console (PS4/PS5) and the games you’ve played are also included. You’ll also see how many trophies were earned during that time. Between your personal stats you will also see community stats. For example, the hours the PS5 gaming community has spent on Returnal.

When looking back at all the hours spent gaming, it is important to remember that any time you spend having fun is not wasted. Send your wrap-up to your friends.

PlayStation gives away four avatars as a bonus to gamers who review their gaming summary. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Grab Your Reward. This will give you the code for your wrap-up avatar kit, which you can either redeem immediately or later.

If you’ve previously agreed to certain data-collection terms, the PlayStation wrapup will only be available. The reason you are unable to access your PlayStation wrap-up could be due to data-collection laws in your area or rejection of certain data-collection Terms. Many people reported being unable to access their PlayStation wrapup.

For PlayStation’s wrap-up to be valid, the minimum time you have to play is 10 hours. If you haven’t played more than 10 hours in 2021 you shouldn’t bother with a wrap up.

Your 2021 Experience Wrapped up

2021 may have passed in a flash, but the time spent gaming and having a lot of fun was more than just a few seconds. PlayStation joined the wrap up trend. On the PlayStation 2021 wrapup site, you can see how long you’ve spent playing different games.

While some gamers had difficulty accessing their PlayStation wrapup, it provides an excellent overview of your PlayStation experience for 2021. You also get a bonus reward!

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