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How to Access and Manage iCloud Drive Files From Any Device

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You can save any file to iCloud Drive storage using iCloud Drive. Depending upon whether you’re using an iPhone, Android device or a Mac computer, you have different access options.

This will demonstrate how to access iCloud Drive on any device.

Accessing iCloud Drive on an iPhone or iPad

It is easy to sync different types of data to iCloud using iOS or iPadOS. You can backup, and sync calendar events, photos, and many other data using iOS or iPadOS.

Access your iCloud Drive files from an iPhone or iPad with the Files app.

View iCloud Drive files from your iPhone or iPad using the Files app

You can browse files using the Files app.

Use the Files app to access iCloud Drive files

  1. View Files on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap on the Browse Icon repeatedly until you see a list of locations.
  3. To see all files in your Apple account, tap ICloudDrive
  4. Tap the file to download it and open it.
  5. Hold down the file and tap and hold it to open a popup menu with additional actions such as Copy, Rename and Delete.

How do you manage iCloud storage for an iPhone or iPad

Your iCloud storage can be managed via Settings on your iPhone or iPad. Next, tap ICloud.

You can see a summary of your storage usage at the top of your screen. To increase your iCloud storage, you can tap on the next tab to purchase more storage or modify the storage plan.

Alternatively scrolls down and click on each app in order to delete its iCloud data.

If iCloud backups are taking up too much space, consider backing up your iPhone with a computer.

Accessing iCloud Drive on a Mac

Access iCloud data can be accessed on Macs, just as an iPhone or iPad. Open the Notes app to access your iCloud Notes. Next, use Finder to view the files stored in your iCloud drive.

View iCloud Drives with Finder on a Mac

Finder can be used to find and manage files on your Mac, or within your iCloud Drive storage. To sync these folders with iCloud Drive, enable the Desktop & Documents Options options in your iCloud drive setting.

To view iCloud Drive folders, open a new Finder. Then choose iCloud Drive from the sidebar.

To enable the iCloud Drive Option, go to Finder>> Sidebar

These folders and files can be used the same as any other file or folder on your Mac.

How do you manage iCloud storage for your Mac

Click on System preferences > Apple ID to see which apps are linked to your iCloud account. The bottom of the preferences window has a storage usage graph.

To delete, modify or buy more storage from iCloud, click on the Manage button next to the storage breakdown.

Accessing iCloud Drive via a Windows Computer

Manage your iCloud storage using Windows. Download and install iCloud From Windows Store.

File Explorer can be used to view iCloud Drive Files

After installing iCloud Windows, sign in to your Apple ID account. After installing iCloud Windows, enable the iCloud Drive option.

Create a new tab, then select iCloud Drive from Quick Access.

You may delete iCloud files by turning off iCloud drive within the iCloud app. This won’t wipe anything from your iCloud accounts.

How do you manage iCloud Storage for a Windows PC

Open iCloud for Windows to see a complete breakdown of your iCloud storage. Click on the Storage link to delete any data from your iCloud accounts. Click on the Buy More Storage button to upgrade your storage.

Accessing iCloud Drive via an Android Device

Apple doesn’t offer an app that lets you access files in iCloud Drive storage. Logging into the iCloud website will allow you to access some of your iCloud content from a browser.

Use an Internet Browser to Access iCloud

Log in to your Apple ID account by opening any web browser on your Android device.

View your iCloud Drive files using the iCloud Drive buttons. Preview files can be accessed by tapping them or using the Select option to download, delete, move, edit, or modify.

To see your iCloud storage usage tap the Account Settings button. While you cannot access your storage from a browser, Apple might add this feature to the future.

Sync more iCloud data with an Android device

Accessing your iCloud storage is very easy from any platform except Android. However, it’s less user-friendly than official Apple apps.

Apple’s inability with Android devices isn’t limited to iCloud Drive. There may be some solutions.

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