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How Spotify’s “Listen Alike” feature can be used for matching your music

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Spotify often releases interactive features as part of their strategy to keep people interested. You can discover celebrity music matches by listening to the same genre and type of music as other celebrities.

You can compare your music and podcast preferences with celeb listeners using the feature. Spotify’s Listen Alike can help you.

Spotify Listen Alike: What Can You Expect?

Listening to the same celebrity listener can help you discover new music and podcasts.

Listen Alike-The Celebrity listeners

It includes musicians from diverse musical backgrounds. This allows you to easily compare musical tastes.

Megan Thee Stallion are some of the featured names.

Spotify Listen Alike: How To Use It

Spotify Account holders can use Listen Alike to search for podcasters and artists. It also lists selected community leaders such as doctors and teachers who are open to matching.

For the best possible results, ensure that the Spotify application is installed on your smartphone or tablet. This feature requires that you are logged into Spotify.

Learn to use Spotify’s Listen Alike feature.

  1. Go to listenalike.withspotify.com Sign in to Spotify
  2. Use the link below to find the listener that you are looking for. You can scroll further to have Spotify select the listener. Get connected . You will find a percentage comparison on the next page to show how many you have in common.
  3. Click Here for more information about what you have to say Read More . Three examples from different genres of music or podcasts that you like with your friend.
  4. Click for more Photos Next . A personalized diagram will display a list that lists all commonalities between you and your partner. This graph can also easily be shared on social media. Click on the social icons.
  5. Create a personal playlist by using your match suggestions. Playlist .

The Spotify playlist will open in your browser or app.This playlist will be automatically saved to your playlist library. This allows you access to the playlist whenever it is convenient for you.

Spotify: Listen Alike

Spotify does an amazing job with podcast discovery and music.

Listen Alike, another tool to help you discover new music or podcasts on the platform, is also available

You might consider this feature if you love supporting original creators. The Spotify spotlight gives celebrities the opportunity to showcase new artists or podcast producers.

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