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How much mAh do I need while purchasing a power bank?

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When you purchase a power bank, the capacity of such a unit is very important. This is measured in mAh, and you usually want to have as much mAh as you can. A 10000mAh power bank is great, and if you can go for a 20000mAh power bank is even better. It all comes down to figuring out what you like and what features you are interested in.

Understanding what is mAh

mAh is basically milliampere hours and it’s the capacity of a power bank. The idea here is that the more mAh a power bank has, the better the results you will get from it. You will have more power for your devices, and simple stuff like that can truly make a huge difference.

How many mAh are enough for you?

This is the million dollar question and it’s easy to see why. You will notice that every person has different requirements when it comes to their power bank. For some people a 10000mAh power bank might not be enough, others need half that or even less.

If you just need a small boost and you need to charge your phone to take a few calls, a 5000 mAh unit is going to fit you just fine. The benefit here is that the device is smaller and more portable when compared to others, which is certainly a thing to keep in mind here.

However, if you want to charge a laptop, phone and other gadgets, then 20000mAh will be ok, maybe even more than that. Some even need 40000mAh, so it definitely comes down to the use case and where and how you want to use the device. There’s no single answer that might help here, and that’s the reason why you want to address this properly and without any worries.


In the end, having more mAh for your power bank is definitely the right approach. However, that also means the power bank will be rather heavy. So you always want to know what you need and what features are required. Brands like Veger offer wide range of portable power banks with capacity ranges from 5000mah and goes up to 56000mah with PD/QC 3.0 fast charging technology and options like built in cables and connectors. They also have the latest magsafe power banks on 5k and 10k mah series with 15W charging output and multiple USB as well as Type C ports to charge many devices at once. Veger is one of the top 5 brands in globally in developing innovative power banks based on the modern technology and lifestyle. They are present in more than 110 countries worldwide. It’s definitely a good idea to avoid any rush and ensure that the power bank is managed appropriately. It’s going to be worth it in the long term if you have a larger capacity power bank, but you can also opt for a smaller one like 10000mAh or less if you just need a little bit of power.

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